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Mannifest'Children's area

Mannifest'Children's area

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THIS week’s column looks at Mannifest focuses on the Children’s Centre involvement.

Mannifest is a non-profit making organisation working with like-minded people simply looking to deliver a family festival for the community and attract visitors to the island.

Rebecca McSevney, fundraising and development manager for The Children’s Centre, explained: ‘This year The Children’s Centre is Mannifest’s charity of choice.

‘As a local charity working with over 1,000 children, young people and families each week, The Children’s Centre knows what it takes to keep children entertained!

‘So we will be on-site over the weekend in our arts and activities area providing free play opportunities throughout the day.’

She added: ‘Local children and parents will be used to The Children’s Centre’s Out2Play scheme,which travels around the Isle of Man offering free play throughout the school holidays.

‘In fact, last year nearly 4,000 children accessed the scheme which offers the opportunity to make new friends, build social skills, have energetic fun, develop physical skills and be more active.

‘Think of waterslides, climbing rope ladders between trees, water fights and much, much more.’

‘The charity’s Out2Play team, supported by volunteers, will be facilitating activities at Mannifest, although the children will lead the play, get wet, dirty and have an absolute ball!

‘We are really pleased to be involved in this project and hope it is well supported by residents.’

Peter Young, of the Mannifest team, added: ‘Mannifest is planned to be bigger and better than previous years, the list of bands wishing to play is oversubscribed, the festival field will be packed with everything from Arts and Crafts, through play areas to excellent music venues and, of course, places to eat and drink.’

‘All we need is the people and some hopefully good weather,’ he said, ‘Having The Children’s Centre working with us and them being located within the arts, crafts and fun section of the field will really add to the festival feel.

‘Just wait and see what Chai Wallah and Arcadia are planning for this year, it looks like being even more spectacular than last year.’

Chai Wallah is a renowned company which hosts a tent with its own quality music acts within the festival site. Arcadia provides special-effect lighting at festivals.


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