‘Outsider’ reflects on Manx life in new book

Canadian author Winston David Ward

Canadian author Winston David Ward

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In 1996, a young Canadian artist travelled to the Isle of Man for the first time, lured – as he puts it – by the opportunities of a burgeoning offshore banking centre.

Seventeen years later David Ward’s collated impressions and fond memories have been published in his first book, Time Enough.

Ward was back in the island over the Christmas period for signings at Tynwald Mills, the Lexicon and Waterstones

‘It has been fantastic,’ he said. ‘I wrote the book really for people off the island, to share with people who have never been here. But everyone here has been really intrigued with this outsider’s perspective of their island.’

Time Enough is peppered with a variety of pictures and photos, and pays particular heed to Manx folklore.

‘I come back almost every year. In the Isle of Man, old beliefs and contemporary ideas coexist,’ Ward explained.

‘I have an interest in mythology and Manx folk tales seem kind of different to others. Mythology isn’t long-gone and dusty, it’s living and breathing and in the Isle of Man you get more of a sense of that than in other places.

‘Moral tales, meant to keep us on the straight and narrow. No, these stories are about something more. They are about life and creativity, fate and fortune, and we shouldn’t be surprised when everyday life reflects local lore. ’

Produced for its island release by Ramsey-based Lily Publications, the author and artist hopes to organise North American distribution in the new year, and share his stories of the island with a much larger audience.

‘My share of proceeds from this first edition will stay on the island; royalties are being directed to various Manx causes,’ he added. ‘Half of that is to the Manx Heritage Foundation for their help on this project. It’s a world class institution.’

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