Peel to reveal its secret gardens

Maureen Gilbert with daughter Myra Gilbert and son-in-law Eric Glithero

Maureen Gilbert with daughter Myra Gilbert and son-in-law Eric Glithero

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Peel will show off some of its best gardens over the weekend.

Peel Secret Gardens 2014, organised by John and Helen Slater from Peel Heritage Trust, will take place on Saturday, July 12,and Sunday, July 13, from 1pm to 5pm.

Maureen Gilbert

Maureen Gilbert

Brochures are available from Peel newsagents and cost £2 which gains you entry to all 16 gardens. It’s free entry for children, and no dogs are allowed.

A map is contained in the brochure with each garden’s location marked out.

Among the gardens on show will be Mike and Josie Wade’s at Yn Thie Fuinnee, 7 Beach Street. Their house originally belonged to Mike’s grandparents until 1953.

He said: ‘The house has been coveted by children and grandchildren ever since. We’re delighted to be back.

‘When we moved in last summer the garden was wild, wandering and in full bloom but thoroughly overgrown with brambles and valerian, the only solution was to more-or-less start again.

‘We are novices and really will value any advice.’

Lorna Moffat’s garden at Thie Darragh in Clover Avenue, Reayrt ny Keylley, incorporates a large paved area with a giant chess board in the centre.

Lorna said: ‘Please feel free to enjoy a game with the matching men.’

Sue and Dave Griffiths’ garden at Merchant’s House in Castle Street is described as ‘truly reminiscent of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book, The Secret Garden,’ as you enter through large wooden doors of an old warehouse which lead you to a small cobbled and paved terrace.

Previous visitors may notice the wall of ivy has gone, as it was causing the neighbours problems so Sue tackled the job by shearing through the bottom of, at times, foot-thick ivy.

This was not a great plan of attack as the entire mass came away from the wall, chasing Sue across the garden as it crashed to the ground – something which Dave found very funny to watch.

If you want to know anything about growing dahlias, Bert Quayle is the man to ask. His have won prizes all over the island and several times his have won best flower in the show.

Bert and Muriel Quayle live at 23 Mountain View.

Other people showing their gardens are Sue and Quintin Robinson at Sunray in Tynwald Road, Bill and Mary Quine at 2 Ramsey Road, Ulla Corkill at Ballaquane House in Ballaquane Road, Janice and Paul Reynolds at 6 St Patrick’s View, Eric Glithero, Myra Gilbert and Maureen Gilbert at 8 and 2 The Viking Longhouse in East Quay, Suzanne and David Williamson at 45 Bluebell Close, Jenny and Clive Alford at 30 Stanley Road, Tony and Polly Rose at 4 Market Street, Nigel Godfrey at The Deanery in Albany Road, Carol Ollet at 46 Michael Street, Jeannette and John Griffiths at 31 Douglas Street, and last but not least, Pat Robertson at 22 Campion Crescent.

Peel Secret Gardens started in 1996 following a suggestion made by Julie Girdler regarding the temptation to peep through half-open gates and gaps in fences at lovely gardens normally concealed.

Some gardeners will be offering tea and cake to raise money for a charity of their choice.

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