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THE Isle of Man Photographic Society is currently staging its annual exhibition at the Hodgson Loom Gallery at Laxey Woollen Mills.

It was launched earlier this month and will continue until Saturday, March 9.

The IoMPS, the oldest photographic group in the island, was founded in 1938, at a time of rapidly increasing popularity for the hobby, spurred by the accessibility of cheaper cameras such as the box brownie.

The technology was fairly simple back then, only black and white film (colour film was only just becoming available and was very expensive), together with home or commercial processing using ‘wet chemistry’ in a dark room.

Today the technology is radically different and almost exclusively digital – with mobile phones and digital cameras, downloading to a computer and usually linked to a home printer.

The growing popularity of photography today is being driven by easy accessibility, low cost and the increasing sophistication and ease of use of cameras and computers.

However, regardless of the equipment and technology, the common theme for IoMPS members – whether in the 1930s or in 2013 – is an enthusiasm, and often a passion, for the art of photography.

The subject matter can be as wide as one’s imagination. Indeed with modern digital techniques, photography is able to merge seamlessly with drawing, art and design. However, the traditional subjects of people, family portraits, sport and other activities, landscapes and still life, remain the foundation and focus of much of the society’s work.

Under the patronage of the Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood, the society meets at Thie Ellyn (the Isle of Man Art Society headquarters) in Withington Road, Douglas, at 7.30pm on Wednesdays.

The building offers a warm and modern environment, well equipped for the enjoyment of photography, whether in print format or digitally projected.

The society’s programme season runs from late September through to April, with excursions and occasional events during the summer months.

Full membership currently costs £25 per year, with free membership for junior members (under 16s).

New members are always given a warm welcome, whether new to photography and looking to develop skills, or more experienced.

Full details of the programme can be seen on the society’s website at which includes a gallery for every member, enabling a public showcase for each member’s work.

For further details of the society’s activities call secretary Chris Blyth on 862082.

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