Quo drummer set to rock Isle of Man bike festival

Former Status Quo drummer John Coghlan'' is bringing his 'John Coghlan's Quo' to the island for next year's Festival of Motorcycling

Former Status Quo drummer John Coghlan'' is bringing his 'John Coghlan's Quo' to the island for next year's Festival of Motorcycling

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A Rock legend is gearing up for a return to the Isle of Man next year, and is ready to bring a taste of classic rock to the Festival of Motorcycling.

John Coghlan is bringing his band, ‘John Coghlan’s Quo’, to the Villa Marina next year, to coincide with the Classic TT/festival of Motorcycling.

John is a founding member of the legendary rock group, Status Quo, and was a key member of the classic line up that enjoyed stratospheric success between 1968 and 1982.

John, affectionately known as the ‘Mad Turk’ during his time with Quo, is clearly relishing a chance to perform the classic material infront of a willing crowd.

Clearly Status Quo are a band that the biker crowds of the 1970’s and 80’s identified with, and John believes it is a perfect time to bring a touch of the classic music to a festival that is celebrating the heyday of bike racing on the island.

‘Status Quo music, especially the 70’s stuff that I played on, it’s really bikers music,’ he said, sat in the foyer of the Villa.

‘Paper Plane, Down Down, and stuff like that, its just real biker music.

‘The band will only play songs that I played on. The first hit record was Pictures of Matchstick Men, so from there right up until 1981. We tend to play an hour and a half of Status Quo songs that I played on.’

‘I think we’re going to spend a few days here. We’re going to come over the night before and hang out.

‘The funny thing is, three of the guys in my band, Baz Mick and Pete are all motorbike fans.

‘I’m the only person who doesn’t own a motorbike!’

He also said that, during this year’s European reunion tour with the legendary Status Quo line up, also featuring Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and bassist Alan Lancaster, he met many fans who were excitedly talking about travelling to the Festival of Motorcycling.

‘We did a tour this year of 16 shows around Europe,’ he said.

‘Here were people from all over the world came to see us. I met loads of them at these gigs, and I hear that lots of them are going to be here on the island when we play at the Villa.

‘It’s going to be a great gig.’

This will be the first time John has officially played here on the island, despite the fact that he lived here during the 70’s and early 80’s.

He and his wife Gillie lived here for around 10 years, spending their time in Ballasalla and on the coast of Jurby, where John would enjoy watching the American bombers practice on the bombing range out at sea from his back garden.

‘When I lived here for 10 years, I sat in with a couple of bands over here and also I played here in 1976 when I was still with Status Quo,’ he said.

‘We played at the place behind the Palace there. The Lido. I remember that.

‘We were the first band to move the stage, because in those days the bands played half way across the room, but we put the stage down by the far end and it made it more of a proper rock gig.’

This is the first time John has been back to the island since moving away, and it is clear he is looking forward to getting back here next year to play.

This time he spent a quiet weekend reacquainting himself with the island’s roads and meeting old friends and faces.

‘Its a great place, and it’s nice for me to come back to, and in a sense to give something back to the fans and the people in the Isle of Man,’ he said. But we always used to get asked: “Why don’t you come and play over here?” Now is the right time, somehow.

‘The great thing about Baz, Mick and Pete, thank god, is that they’re not look-a-likes.

‘It’s just me with my own bands playing my hits.

‘It’ll be a good rocking night, and a good night for Status Quo fans. I can’t wait!’

John Coghlan’s Quo will play the Villa Marina on August 29, 2015. Tickets are on sale from the Villa Marina box office.

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