Results from the Royal Manx Agricultural Show

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm

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More than 20,000 visitors attended the Royal Manx Agricultural Show at Knockaloe.

Brian Leece’s two-year-old Limousin heifer, Mannin Ingrid, was named Supreme Champion.

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm''Steve Colley

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm''Steve Colley

The heifer was shown by Richard Crookall, who said that he was ‘over the moon’ to have won, saying it was the result of many months’ hard work.

Richard and Brian thanked Aimee Ford, Kris Devereau, and Eleanor and John Chadwick, for all of their help.

Brian has been breeding Limousins for 18 years.

The heifer’s mother was named Supreme Champion in 2006.

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm''Richard Corkill & Brian Leece with the Royal Show Supreme Champion

The Royal Agricultural Show 2015, Knockaloe farm''Richard Corkill & Brian Leece with the Royal Show Supreme Champion



Deemster Johnson Supreme Championship winner: Mr Brian Leece with Mannin Ingrid (Limousin heifer).

Reserve Supreme Champion: N. & V.A. Masson with Cairbre Bluesky Pat; Second Reserve - Mrs C. Christian with Garff Bree; Third Reserve - Mr & Mrs P.A. Kermode with a Texel.

Best light horse in show (Celia Hedges Trophy): Mrs R. Walker with Sharptor Ambassador.


Holstein: champion - N.& V. Masson; reserve - N.&V. Masson.

Shorthorn: champion - Coole Farms; reserve - Coole Farms Ltd.

Ayrshire: champion - J.Q & W.J Callow; reserve - J.Q & W.J Callow.

Jersey: champion - Mr N. Kinvig,

Commercial dairy cow: champion - Sandash Farms.

Hereford: champion - Mr D. Griffin; reserve - Mr D. Griffin.

British Blue: champion - C.A & S.M Jones; reserve - Mr D.G Watterson.

Limousin: champion - Mr B. Leece; reserve - Mr & Mrs P.A Kermode.

Simmental: champion - Mr T.P. Quayle; reserve - Mr T.P Quayle.

Other beef or dual purpose native cattle: champion - Mr J.J. Teare.


Overall champion long wool: champion - J.H & E.A Quine (BFL); reserve - Miss K.M Creer (Blackface).

Blackface: champion - Miss K. Creer.

Blue face Leicester: champion - J.H. & E.A. Quine; reserve - J.H & E.A Quine.

Border Leicester: champion - Mr A. Kelly; reserve - Mr A. Kelly.

Herdwick: champion - D.&S. Jackson.

Swaledale: champion - Miss A. Kerruish.

Any other long wool breed: champion - Creer Brothers.

Overall champion short wool: champion - Mr & Mrs P.A Kermode (Texel); reserve - Mr & Mrs P. Kermode (Suffolk).

Texel: champion - Mr & Mrs P.A. Kermodel; reserve - A&A. Rothwell.

Charollais: champion - Mr D.G. Watterson; reserve - Mr D.G. Watterson.

Beltex: champion - A & A Rothwell; reserve - A&A Rothwell.

Any other continental breed: champion - Miss C. Kermeen.

Suffolk: champion - Mr & Mrs P.A. Kermode; reserve - J.H. Quine & D. Summers.

Cheviot: champion - Miss J. Kewley; reserve - Miss J. Kewley.

Ryeland: champion - Miss R. Mealin; reserve - Miss M. Bedey.

Any other native short wool breed: champion - Mr. P. Crocker; reserve - Mr. P Crocker.

Cross bred, short wool with short wool: champion - Miss C. Kermeen; reserve - Miss C, Kermeen.

Champion Manx loaghtan: champion - W.Cain; reserve - IOM Produce Co.

Pen of two sheep shown by young farmer: champion - Mr Caesar Kermode.

Showmanship class: champion - Mr Caesar Kermode; reserve - Mr Jamys Christian.


Overall winner: Jessica Rushby with ‘Charlotte’.

Smallest: Treljah Norris with ‘Spirral’.

Largest: Sophia Gough with ‘Maisey’.

Best dressed: Lexie Fargher with ‘Flossie’.

Most character: Georgia Smith with ‘Elizabeth Taylor’.

Best behaved: Alice Teare with ‘Meg’.

Coloured: Evie-Grace Cringle wih ‘Maisey’.

Wooliest: Katie Smith with ‘Amy’.

Cutest: Ellie Harris-Skinner with ‘Lola’.


Champion - T.Ridgeway (Heeley Butterbur); reserve - C.Lewis & M. Walker Ballanorman Agnes.


Best heavy horse in show: Champion - Mrs C.M. Christian; reserve - Douglas Borough Council.

Best light horse not exceeding 14.2h: Champion - Mrs R. Walker (Sharptor Ambassador); reserve - Mrs L. Alton (Garfield V).

Best light horse over 14.2h: Champion - Miss L. Pote (ABL Rikki Zee); reserve - Mrs J. McGee (Eva).


Best livestock and cropped farm 200 acres and under: Mr R.H. Gelling CP, Billown Farm.

Best livestock and cropped farm over 200 acres: Mr D.J Cooil, Ballagawne Farm.

Best livestock and cropped farm any size, tenanted farm: Mr & Mrs D. Coole, Ballamodha Mooar Farm.


Best crop of milling wheat: McMillan Farms.

Best crop of spring barley: Mr C,D Duggan.

Best crop of spring oats: McMillin Farms.

Best overall cereal crop: McMillin Farms.


Trade stands, agricultural merchants: Charlie Corkill.

Trade stands, smaller: Pinewood Furniture Studio.

Trade stands, larger: Manx National Farmers’ Union.

Trade stands, DEFA small food producers: Fudge Factory.

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