So, what’s new at the Wildlife Park this month?

NEW ARRIVAL: African crested porcupine

NEW ARRIVAL: African crested porcupine

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Here Kathleen Graham, manager of Curraghs Wildlife Park, writes the third in a series of columns updating you on the goings on around the park

WE’VE had a busy October.

In fact we’ve had more visitors in this month than any other October since records began.

We have now had more visitors than the whole of last year so we are on track for the busiest season since 2006.

The Hop-tu-Naa event was really well attended, with the help of Crossroads Caring for Carers so a big thank you to them and all the people that attended and helped to make it such a good event.

We may be closed now during the week but we are still open at weekends and the work never stops.

We are preparing exciting events for the Christmas period with a fun packed weekend on December 15 and 16.

We are also busy with schools during the week as Liz runs her ever popular Rain Forest Theatre and Colour Me Wild education sessions.

I recently went across to Shepreth Wildlife Park near Cambridge to attend the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) small collections meeting.

This is a great event where similar sized wildlife parks and zoos can swap ideas... and animals.

I dropped off two pink-backed pelicans (we still have four at the park) to Bristol Zoo, four Cain oads for Folly Farm in Wales and the last of our beavers for a release site in Scotland, where they will be living a life in the wild.

I brought back a female raccoon as a mate for our male and the park’s first African crested porcupine.

He is a very young male; in fact he is so small at the moment that we are keeping him off show in an animal house until we have his enclosure ready (the old beaver enclosure).

We will then find a female to join him soon.

The fishing cat kitten is continuing to thrive and grow...this has perhaps been the best achievement this year and makes all the staff’s hard work worthwhile.

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