Soprano Karen Elliot claims record sixth Cleveland Medal win

Cleveland Medal winner Karen Elliott, centre, with Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood and adjudicator Dr Jill White

Cleveland Medal winner Karen Elliott, centre, with Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood and adjudicator Dr Jill White

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Soprano Karen Elliott admits she is still pinching herself following her record sixth Cleveland Medal win.

Karen, aged 57, sang Reynaldo Hahn’s A Chloris on Saturday evening to be awarded the highest award available at the Manx Music, Speech and Dance Festival.

Joe Humphrey, from Crosby, with the FC Poulter Cup for Piano solo Year  1 to 4

Joe Humphrey, from Crosby, with the FC Poulter Cup for Piano solo Year 1 to 4

It follows her previous successes in 1993, 1994, 2002, 2004 and 2011.

‘It is more of a challenge each year, she said.

‘The island is full of fabulous young singers coming through. This year there was a lot of wonderful young singers.

‘It gets harder to maintain the standard. Anyone who has won a class has really achieved something.’

Manx Youth Band

Manx Youth Band

Karen attributed her success to living in Peel: ‘It has the best air in the island.

‘All the best singers come from Peel!’

She said that while on stage it felt like she was floating on air, feeling no fear as she concentrated on being in character.

‘You have no worries, nothing. Then you come off stage and you come down to Earth with a bump.’

Victoria Wright and Calvin Smith, who won the P21 Pianoforte Duet category

Victoria Wright and Calvin Smith, who won the P21 Pianoforte Duet category

When asked whether she had another Cleveland Medal win in her, Karen said: ‘I probably have but I’m not going to.

‘I’m going to have a rest, I love stewarding.’

She then added: ‘I will have a break next year. Next year I don’t know. I might wait until my 60th birthday.’

Saturday was a double success for Karen. She said she felt very proud after the Isle of Man WI Choir, which she organises and conducts, won the Concert Class with 91 points.

William Shooter, aged eight, of Douglas, won the Sheffield Plate in his first ever Guild.

His mum Louise, who is a steward at the festival, said: ‘We just expected to have a positive experience for him and for him to enjoy it.

‘We never thought he would win – we’re extremely proud of him.’

William started singing lessons with Olivia Black last September and has been going to Stage One drama school since he was six.

Louise said: ‘He’s very enthusiastic. I hope he’s still competing in the Guild when he’s an old man like Laurence Kermode!’

This year saw centenarian Laurie, of Douglas, again win the Works of T.E. Brown class, performing an extract from Betsey Lee.




Royal Hall

Girls’ Solo (Years 9 to 10): 1, Francesca Warren, King William’s College (KWC), 89; 2, Hannah Clinton, Onchan, 88.

Girls’ Solo (Years 7 to 8): 1, Alexandra Slater, Sing Up, 90; 2, Elizabeth Shooter, Sing Up, 89.

Recorder Solo (Up to Year 6): 1, Emma Smith, Laxey, 87; 2, Daisy Downs, Marown School, 86.

Recorder Duet Unaccompanied (Up to Year 6): 1, Josh Ward, Marown School, 86; 2, Martha Willoughby, Marown School, 84.

Recorder Groups (Up to Year 6): 1, Marown Recorders, Marown School, 85.

Instrumental Solo - Woodwind (Up to Year 6): 1, Catherine Atkinson, Buchan School, 88; 2, Louise Van de Merwe, Marown School, 87.

Instrumental Solo - Woodwind (Years 7 to 10): 1, Amelia Crossley, Castle Rushen High School (CRHS), 87.

Instrumental Solo - Woodwind (Year 11 and over): 1, Victoria Wright, Ballakermeen High School (BHS), 88.

Songs from the Musicals including Light Opera (Adult): 1, Mandy Griffin, Douglas, 90; 2, Simon Fletcher, Douglas, 89.

Promenade Suite

The Spoken Word (Year 3): 1, Samuel Heeney, Broadway TC, 88; 2, Emily Bridson, Broadway TC, 87.

The Spoken Word (Year 1): 1, Jeremy Miranda, 88; 2, Harry Morgan, St John’s School, 87.

Group Theme (Up to Year 6): 1, Broadway TC Senior Group, 88; 2, Stage One South, 87.

The Spoken Word (Year 4): 1, Gaby Germishuys, Broadway TC, 88; 2, Rosie Long, Onchan School, 87.

The Spoken Word (Year 6): 1, Hollie-Jean Hodgson, Broadway TC, 88; 2, Kitty Thomas, Broadway TC, 87.

Manx Dialect (Year 11 and Over): 1, Anita Cashen, Strang, 89; 2, Rebekah Traynor, Braddan, 86.

Reading at Sight (Adult): 1, Ruth Keggin, Port Erin, 88; 2, Emily Cannell, Douglas, 87.

Works of T.E. Brown: 1, Laurence Kermode, Douglas, 90; 2, John Kennaugh, St John’s, 88.


Royal Hall

Duet (Years 7 to 13): 1, Hannah Clinton, Onchan, 88; 2, Robyn-Mae Lawler, Broadway TC, 85.

Solo Sight Singing (Years 11 to 13 & Adult): 1, Richard Mylrea, Douglas, 85.

Boys’ Treble Solo (Year 7 & Over): 1, William King, Colby, 89; 2, James Spencer, Braddan, 87.

Lieder Solo (All Voices) (Year 11 to under 26): 1, Hazel Stewart, Douglas, 86; 2, Michelle Jamieson, Port St Mary, 85.

Choral Speaking (Up to Year 6): 1, Youth Arts Centre Junior Drama, 87; 2, BTC Intermediate Group, 86.

Popular Standard Song 1921 - 1979 (Adult): 1, Terence Qualtrough, Castletown, 89; 2, Simon Bampton, Jurby, 88.

Foreign Language Art Song (Adult): 1, John Qualtrough, Cheltenham, 90.

Ladies’ Voice Duet: 1, Cathy Quayle and Judy Cross, Onchan, 87; 2, Mandy Griffin and Olivia Black, Douglas, 86.

Male Voice Duet: 1, John Qualtrough and Alastair Qualtrough, Cheltenham, 87; joint 2, Geoff Collier and John Rimmer, Strang/Castleward, and Peter Cringle and Andrew Williamson, Kirk Michael/Ballaugh, 86.

Mixed Voice Duet: 1, Mandy Griffin and Graham Crowe, Douglas/Baldwin, 90; 2, Geoff Collier and Sue Collier, Strang, 89.

Operatic Duet: 1, Charlotte Faragher and Samantha Faragher, Onchan, 85; 2, Sarah Elder and Geoff Collier, Glen Vine, 84.

Promenade Suite

Character Study (Up to Year 6): 1, Kitty Thomas, Broadway TC, 88; 2, Josh Parker, Broadway TC, 87.

The Spoken Word (Year 5): 1, Roviana Szetu, Foxdale School, 87; 2, Charlie Craine, Sing Up, 86.

Public Speaking (Years 9 to 13): 1, George Harris, Broadway TC, 88; 2, Jack Smollen, Broadway TC, 87.

Character Study (Adult): joint 1, Zoe Cannell, Douglas, and Anne Clarke, Douglas, 88; 2, Chris Jagus, Sulby, 87.

Original Composition in Poetry or Prose (Year 12 and Over): 1, Marilyn Cannell, Kirk Michael, 88; 2, Pam Evans, Douglas, 87.

The Spoken Word (Adult): 1, Rebekah Traynor, Braddan, 89; 2, Christine Bregazzi, Douglas, 88.

Choral Speaking (Adult): 1, Strictly Speaking, Douglas, 89; 2, BTC Chorallers, Broadway TC, 88.


Royal Hall

Folk Song (Years 4 to 8): 1, Alexandra Slater, Sing Up, 93; joint 2, Evan Darroch, Buchan School, and Patrick McCord, KWC, 92.

Mixed Chorals: 1, Musicale Choir, Union Mills, 88.

Ladies’ Choir: 1, Manx Voices, Douglas, 87; 2, Lon Vane Ladies Choir, Douglas, 86.

Male Voice Choir: 1, Lon Dhoo Male Voice Choir, Douglas, 90.

Concert Class: 1, Isle of Man WI Choir, 91; 2, Manx Voices, Douglas, 90.

Sheffield Plate: William Shooter, Sing Up.

Billown Bowl: Cathy Quayle and Judy Cross, Onchan.

Cleveland Medal Test: Karen Elliott, Peel.

Promenade Suite

Boys’ Solo in Manx (Up to Year 10): 1, Isaac Quayle, Broadway TC, 85; 2, Joseph Savage, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, 83.

Girls’ Solo in Manx (Up to Year 10): 1, Feena Wilson, Strang, 85; 2, Beth Colgan, Gale Force, 84.

Bible in Manx (Years 7 to 10): 1, Lukas Hayhurst, CRHS, 87; 2, Owen Williams, CRHS, 86.

Bible in Manx (Years 11 & over): 1, Jonathan Ayres, Peel, 88; 2, Dot Saunders, Kirk Michael, 87.

Bible in Manx (Years 4 to 6): 1, Anna Radcliffe, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, 90; 2, Roviana Szetu, Foxdale School, 89.

Reading at Sight in Manx Gaelic (Years 11 & over): 1, Maralyn Crellin, Douglas, 89; 2, Jonathan Ayres, Peel, 87.

Contemporary Manx (Years 11 & over): 1, Alistair Sutherland, Sulby, 88; 2, Dot Saunders, Kirk Michael, 87.

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