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AS referred to in last week’s column, new band The Southern Audio Conspiracy make their debut tomorrow (Friday) evening supporting 8 Bit Empire at The Engine Room in Castletown.

The Manx Sound Exchange caught up with guitarist and maestro Simon Harvey on the new five-piece project.

‘It’s a new sound and style for the Isle of Man and we’re already recording a first album,’ said Simon.

‘This is the first time the public will get to hear the new band outside the website and we can get to hear what people think.’

He said the sound can be judged from the music available at but in a nutshell it’s heavily Southern-influenced rock, country, funk and soul in a modern style.

‘There’s no UK bands out there at the moment experimenting with these sounds so we’re bringing something new to the table,’ Simon explained. ‘There’s no “influence list” but I guess comparisons could be drawn to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, but our catalogue is much wider than any of these bands stylistically, so we hope to get everyone enjoying the music not just one subset.’

He expressed his admiration of the Engine Room venue at The Ship Inn, but that all was not rosy in the world of Manx gig venues.

‘I think it’s worth mentioning the lack of Douglas venues for original bands, excluding Amber, and so promotion and creating a following is how bands survive.’

Speaking of Amber, metallers The Water Is Rising return to the scene of their Battle of the Bands victory tomorrow, with support from The Fletcher Christian Mutiny, who appear amid Facebook speculation to have disbanded to make way for their ‘new Justin Bieber-influenced cover band’.

General manager of Amber’s parent the Chesterhouse Hotel Shri Naik has said he would like to start staging gigs at the bar every two weeks, with the next up being 8 Bit Empire on Saturday, February 9.

Back to this weekend, on Saturday at The Mines Tavern in Laxey are soulful acoustic act Electric Railway.

Harry and the gang were due to be supporting The Bombardeers, but as they can no longer make it the set may well be completed by a good old-fashioned jam session, with Electric Railway inviting anyone musical to come along and join in.

Also on Saturday, Ballagroove DJs will play their first set at the re-opened Port St Mary haunt The Bay.

Ballagroove at The Bay will see Gypo and Toots peddle the finest in funk, soul, reggae, indie, rock’n’roll, boogalloo, punk, bubblegum, garage, lounge – 8pm start.

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