Still time for the Full Monty

Stage production of 'The Full Monty'

Stage production of 'The Full Monty'

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The musical version of the hit film The Full Monty is showing at the Gaiety Theatre in Douglas before appreciative audiences.

The show is based on the popular 1997 film which tells the story of unemployed Sheffield steel workers who decide to go the extra mile and upstage the Chippendales in their quest to earn some extra cash.

For the stage musical, the action moves to America and copyright reasons mean this cannot be changed, but in fact the essence of the film remains, with the musical retaining all the quirky humour and pathos of the original.

The industrial backdrop to the show came in the form of a specially made set which was supplied from off-island for the show and arrived in a pantechnicon days before the opening night.

Props included a complete Austin Mini which features in a macabre but highly amusing attempted suicide scene, where the characters help a motorist start his car, not realising what he has in mind - before rescuing him and recruiting him to their cause.

The long awaited titular scene forms the show-stopping finale where the characters conquer their inhibitions and finally bare all for the audience against the backdrop of a huge illuminated Full Monty show sign.

The Full Monty is at the Gaiety Theatre on Friday at 7.30pm and twice on Saturday at 6.15pm and again at 9.30pm

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