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SO the rumours were true; returning from the mists of Manx rock’n’roll folklore next week are the ever-popular and entertaining three-piece Porn Monkey.

It’s a special occasion. Drummer Andy Frankland-Davies is the husband of songstress Katherine Crowe, and it is her fight against terminal breast cancer that has inspired the reunion and fundraising gig.

Proceeds from the show, at Laxey Working Men’s Institute next Saturday (June 2), will go towards Kath’s treatment fund. The idea came about, after considering fundraising options including gigs featuring other bands, when the guys buckled under public pressure to wheel out the Porn Monkey circus one more time.

‘Loads of people have been hassling us for a while about a reunion gig,’ said Andy. ‘The boys were up for it, and we decided it was worth taking the risk.’

Purists will be glad to hear it’s an all-original line up; Rich Little on guitar and vocals, Andy on drums and vocals, and Nick Hawke on bass.

Porn Monkey were regular performers on the circuit until life got in the way and the extended hiatus began. Just how long has it been?

‘The last gig we did?’ said Andy. ‘I was shocked when I worked this out the other day. It was New Year’s Eve in Strand 58 before it became Rendezvous, so it must have been 2008!’

For the uninitiated, Andy described the Porn Monkey sound and live experience:

‘The band name totally sums us up!’ he said. ‘It’s energetic and childish, madcap rock and ska, with ridiculous subject matter.’

With locations for an event of this nature limited or expensive, the decision was made to take the show out of town to the purpose-built music venue in Laxey. Money will be raised through ticket sales, and various items for sale throughout the night.

‘It’s £5 entry, though the Institute is unlicensed so people can bring their own beer and have a cheap night out,’ said Andy.

How have musical preparations gone so far? ‘We’ve been together a few months, rehearsing in Rich’s garage,’ reported Andy. ‘The kind of band we are, we can’t stop writing new stuff, we have to reign it in a bit.’

Does that mean the balance of the set next week will lean towards new tracks? Andy doesn’t think so: ‘We’ve got to do the classics. There’s a loyal following that wouldn’t let us get away with not playing tracks like Fat Ass! We’ve always had a great fan base, who have become good friends because of the band.’

With the cause of the evening being so emotive and close to Andy’s heart, will there be a sombre edge to the evening’s atmosphere?

‘No, the mood will be fantastic,’ assured Andy. ‘We’re not depressive types anyway. We’re doing it to raise money for Kath, but those who know her know she’s not in any way in desperate times at the moment. It’ll be a great night.’

Could it kick start a more prolonged comeback for the band? ‘Well, we’ve been named in the Mannifest line-up for one!’ said Andy. ‘Maybe we’ll do more, we’ll play this one and see how it goes.’

Support on the night, starting at 8pm, comes from Uber Room. Tickets are available at and Andy is arranging for them to also be available from Peter Norris Music in Douglas.

See The Monkey Strikes Back Facebook page for more.

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