TT hero Guy’s book is a very revealing read

The cover of Guy Martin's biography

The cover of Guy Martin's biography

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I was full of it and so excited! My husband was popping into town to pick up Guy Martin’s autobiography, and at the same time, to get his autograph at the bookshop.

Then I got the call to say he had bought the book but there was no sign of the great man. He’d managed to go to the wrong book shop while Guy was doing the honours not a million miles away.

As it happens Guy was due to be signing copies at the shop - Waterstones - this morning (Tuesday).

Anyhow no worries, I still had the book - and what a powerful piece of work it is too! I felt like I have just spent the weekend with Guy Martin having been totally engrossed in the 320 page hardback. Having read his words of wisdom I reckon I could build my own bike now. Seriously though I feel I have a greater understanding of what the TT is all about and what drives people such as Guy Martin to compete in the world’s greatest road races. I also know a lot more about him and there are lots of surprises.

I put the book down late on Saturday morning to pop down and watch the first race of this year’s TT festival, and there I stood cheering him on along with everybody else, it seemed, as he rode to an amazing second place behind Michael Dunlop.

Minutes later I was back home with his book, it was compelling stuff.

From his childhood to today, this is a warts and all story. I really do recommend it. It’s a great read as he writes frankly about his life as a top road racer in the island, Northern Ireland and Scarborough, professional truck mechanic and more recently, film star and TV presenter.

It’s something of a rollercoaster story for a down-to-earth bloke who comes from my neck of the woods. He still lives in North Lincolnshire, which used to be known as Humberside. I won’t spoil enjoyment by revealing details - you can read them for yourselves and I can guarantee it is revealing stuff during this incredible TT race week.

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