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The Wandering Players (Yn Cloiederyn Wandereilys), have put together a show to celebrate and support Island of Culture 2014.

Them Oul’ Times, billed as ‘the Manx story through poetry, prose and song’, with a running time of around 75 minutes, is the work of the newly-formed group, the cast of which includes Christine Bregazzi, Ruth Caine, Anne Clarke, Terry Cringle, Judy and Sandy Cross, Dollin Kelly and Terry Qualtrough.

Available from September 1 to March 31 only, the Wandering Players are looking to perform only in small venues such as country chapels, churches or halls where they will be entertaining audiences with well-known and lesser known tales from Manx history.

For more information and/or to make a booking, call Anne Clarke, 676991; Judy Cross, 626093; or Dollin Kelly, 834652.

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