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THE 40th annual Young Farmers’ Concert was won by the Southern club for the eighth year running on Saturday night.

The three-night event, which was held in the Gaiety Theatre in Douglas, was an evening of both talent and hilarious mockery.

The judges’marks from all three nights were added together and the winners were announced at the end of Saturday’s show.

In fourth place were Central. Northern came third and Eastern grabbed the runners-up spot.

But it was Southern Young Farmers, with their Tynwald Toys Playgroup set packed with colourful and imaginative performances from Thomas the Tank Engine and Pinocchio, Toy Story’s Woody, Noddy and Mr Potato Head, the CoMin Toy Soldiers and the gorgeous Manx Barbies, who absolutely stole the show. They have won every year since 2004.

Eastern put on a Peter Pan show – What the Hook? – complete with Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and dancing pirates.

The tale of Alice in Tynwaldland was brought to life by Northern whose six foot hairy Alice met up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the Mad Hatter. Meanwhile, Central produced colourful sketches involving monks, hookers and ball boys.

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