Youngsters take first dip into sea kayaking

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  • by Mike Wade

The recent weather hasn’t really brought the sort of sea conditions that would encourage you to send your children off to sea in a kayak.

So now a new indoor course has begun aimed at teaching young people the basics of sea kayaking.

Held in the warmth and safety of the Western Swimming Pool, Peel, Adventurous Experiences has created a Youth Performance Pathway, based around existing British Canoe Union programmes, and aimed at children between the ages of 10 to 14 years old.

‘At the moment they are getting a feel for the boats,’ said Keirron Tastagh, director of Adventurous Experiences and lead coach. ‘They are working out the fundamentals of what kayaks do, a lot to do with balance, agility, co-ordination.’

Adventurous Experiences has worked closely with the Western Swimming Pool since it opened, and Keirron feels it is the perfect place for young people to gain the skills and confidence needed in a kayak.

‘With being in the pool, we can take an awful lot more risks of getting wet and falling over, which otherwise would get them cold. Kids can usually be risk adverse to getting cold. So this can get all that out of the way. It’s a very comfortable, very safe and a very nice environment to learn in, so they don’t mind at all jumping out of their boats, and they don’t mind making mistakes. The whole thing really is just about games and challenges and just having fun, and the learning comes through that. So their focus at the moment is just enjoying themselves.’

The course is spread across five levels of training, each level taking four weeks to complete. The first group of future adventurers have already passed their first level, and received their certificates in a ceremony at the weekend. And Keirron hopes it won’t be long before they can make that transition from swimming pool to sea. Weather dependent, of course.

‘I hope to get them on the sea this summer,’ he said. ‘We could get them on before that, as they would be ready after two levels of this course to go out on the sea. But they might end up doing their level three here at this rate, because we’re only going to do a proper session at this rate after it’s warmed up.’

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