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Thursday, March 14

• Manx Retirement Association Stretch and Flex at the NSC at 10am. Also, Indoor Flat Green Bowling at the NSC, Douglas, 2pm-3.30pm. Monthly Luncheon at the Mount Murray Hotel at 12.30pm. Also Tuesday, Whist Afternoon, Douglas, 2pm. Wednesday Peel Coffee Morning at the Peel Castle Hotel.

• Harbourside WI, St. Paul’s Church Hall, Ramsey, 10am. Call 818194.

• Onchan Pensioners Club, coffee morning, Morton Hall, Onchan, 10am-noon. Also bingo, 7pm. Friday, sequence dancing, 2pm; Monday, bridge, 2pm; bingo, 7pm; Tuesday, coffee morning, 10.30am-noon; Wednesday, Onchan Ladies Club, 2pm, and whist, 7pm.

• The Dalby Art Group, St James’ schoolrooms, 2pm. Call Cheryl on 843471.

• Port Soderick WI, Recreation Hall, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Parkfield WI, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Douglas, 7.45pm. Call 818194.

Sunday, March 17

• Isle of Man Poetry Society, Archibald Knox meeting room, Onchan, 8pm. Call 664796 or 897815.

Monday, March 18

• Mannin Art Group, St. Paul’s Hall, Ramsey. 10am -4pm. Call 814105.

• Onchan Ladies’ Choir, Methodist Hall, 1.30pm. Call 673453.

• Vannin Bridge, Onchan Pensioners Hall, 2pm. Also Thursday.

• Onchan Rotary Club, The Max Restaurant, Groudle Road, 6.30pm.

• Onchan Silver Band practice, The Band Room, off Main Road, Onchan, beginners 6.30pm and seniors 7.30pm.

• Foxdale WI, Foxdale Community School, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Marown WI, Millennium Hall, Crosby, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Laxey Minorca WI, Laxey Football Club, 7.45pm. Call 818194.

Tuesday, March 19

• St John’s Art and Craft Group, Methodist Hall, 9.40am. Call 851364.

• Onchan Pensioners’ Social Club, Morton Hall, 10.30am. Also Thursday.

• The Tuesday Group, basic crafts, coffee and fun, Peel Clothworkers’ School, 1.15pm. Pre-school children catered for. Call 614180.

• Braddan WI, Methodist Church Hall, Union Mills, 2pm. Call 818194.

• Isle of Man Chess Club, Belsfield Hotel, Church Road Marina, Douglas, 7.30pm. Call 495097 or email

• Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band, Queen Street Mission Hall, 7.30pm.

• Rotary Club Rushen and Western Mann, Falcons’ Nest Hotel, Port Erin, 7.30pm.

• Kirk Andreas WI, Andreas Church Hall, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Michael WI, St Michael’s Hall, Kirk Michael, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• St John’s WI, St John’s Church Hall, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Mannin Quilters, Ballabeg Methodist Hall, 7.30pm-9pm. Call 628921. Also Wednesday at St. Columba’s Catholic Church, Port Erin, 1.30-4pm.

• Ballacottier Senior Youth Project for school years 10+, Ballacottier School Youth Room, 7.30-9.30pm.

Wednesday, March 20

• Laxey Sketch Club, 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Laxey Football Clubhouse. Call 861125.

• Sulby Art Club, 2pm-4pm at St Stephen’s Church Hall.

• The Friendship Club for the over 60s, Onchan Baptist Church. Call 674255.

• Ballaugh WI, Ballaugh Bowling Club, 7.30pm. Call 803804.

• Port St Mary WI, Mount Tabor School Room, Port St Mary, 7.45pm. Call 818194.

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