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Thursday, May 9

• Manx Retirement Association, Stretch and Flex at the NSC, Douglas at 10am. Also Tuesday, Southern Coffee Morning at the Cherry Orchard Hotel, Port Erin at 10.30am. Wednesday, Peel Coffee Morning at the Peel Castle Hotel, 10.30am.

• Harbourside WI, St. Paul’s Church Hall, Ramsey, 10am. Call 818194.

• Onchan Pensioners Club, Morton Hal, Castletown Coffee Morning; Friday Sequence Dancing 2pm-4.30pm; Saturday Arabian Dancing, 9am-1pm; Monday Bridge 2pm-5pm and 7pm-11pm; Tuesday Coffee Morning including raffle 10am-noon; Wednesday Whist Drive 7pm-10pm.

• The Dalby Art Group, St James’ schoolrooms, 2pm. Bring your own equipment. Call Cheryl on 843471.

• Avondale WI, Onchan Community Centre, 2.15pm. Call 818194..

• Kirk Bride WI, Bride Church Hall, 7pm. Call 803804.

• Arbory WI, Colby Methodist Hall, 7.15pm.

• Port Soderick WI, Recreation Hall, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Parkfield WI, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Douglas, 7.45pm. Call 818194.

Sunday, May 12

• Isle of Man Freethinkers, Douglas Yacht Club. 7pm-7.30pm.

Monday, May 13

• Onchan Jubilee WI, The Methodist Church Hall, 10am. Call 818194.

• Onchan and District WI, Onchan Church Hall, 2pm.

• Onchan Ladies’ Choir, Methodist Hall, 1.30pm. Call 673453.

• Vannin Bridge, Onchan Pensioners Hall, 2pm. Also Thursday.

• Onchan Rotary Club, The Max Restaurant, Groudle Road, 6.30pm.

• Onchan Silver Band practice, The Band Room, off Main Road, Onchan, beginners, 6.30pm and seniors, 7.30pm.

• Cornaa WI, Maughold Parish Hall, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Sulby WI, St. Stephen’s Church Hall 7.30pm.

Tuesday, May 14

• St John’s Art and Craft Group, Methodist Hall, 9.40am. Bring your own art and craft. Call 851364.

• Onchan Pensioners’ Social Club, Morton Hall, 10.30am. Also Thursday.

• Peel City WI, Guild Room, Athol Street, Peel, 10.30am. Call 818194.

• The Tuesday Group, flexible learning room to try your hand at basic crafts, have a chat, coffee and fun, Peel Clothworkers’ School, 1.15pm. Pre-school children catered for. Call 614180.

• Baldrine WI, Methodist Sunday School, Baldrine, 2pm. Call 818194.

• Isle of Man Chess Club, Belsfield Hotel, Church Road Marina, Douglas, 7.30pm. Call 495097 or

• Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band rehearsals, Queen Street Mission Hall, 7.30pm.

• Rotary Club of Rushen and Western Mann meet, Falcons’ Nest Hotel, Port Erin, 7.30pm.

• Michael WI, St Michael’s Hall, Kirk Michael, 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Michael WI, Kirk Michael Church Hall, 7.30pm Call 818194.

• Mannin Quilters, Ballabeg Methodist Hall, 7.30pm-9pm. Call 628921 or email chairman@manninquilters.orgAlso Wednesday at St. Columba’s Catholic Church, Port Erin, 1.30-4pm..

• Ballacottier Senior Youth Project for school years 10+, Ballacottier School Youth Room, 7.30-9.30pm.

• The Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society (IOMARS), Sea Cadet Hall, Tromode, 8.30pm-9.30pm.

Wednesday, May 15

• Laxey Sketch Club, 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Laxey Football Clubhouse. Call 861125.

• Sulby Art Club, 2pm-4pm at St Stephen’s Church Hall.

• The Friendship Club for the over 60s, Onchan Baptist Church. Call 674255.

• Ballabeg WI, Methodist Sunday School, Ballabeg 7.30pm. Call 818194.

• Castletown WI, Methodist Hall, Arbory Street, Castletown, 7.20pm. Call 818194.

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