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Thursday, June 5

• Free female football fitness sessions, NSC sports hall, Douglas, 7am – 8am, also noon-1pm. Michael.baker@isleofmanfa.com

• Zumba at 9.30am-10.15am, Total Tone at 10.15am, call Jane 201811. Legs, bums and tums at 7pm-8pm, call Lisa 438150. Also Monday, High Intensity Circuits at 6.30am, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am, call Shelley 487270. School Drop Boot Camp at 9.30am, also Wednesday and Friday at 6.30am, call Errol on 488105. Vibro-Step classes at 12.15pm and 7.15pm, also on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12.15pm-12.45pm and Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.15am-9.45am, call Shelly 487270. Tuesday, Tae-Bo at 5.45pm-6.30pm, Kettlebells at 6.30pm-7.15pm, call Kate 347160. Wednesday, Kettlebell Core, 6pm-7pm, also Saturdays at 9.30am-10.30am, call Kelly 220220. Elite Fitness, Douglas.

• Thighs, Bums and Tums, Laxey Working Men’s Institute, 9.30am. Also Tuesday, call 335635.

• Yoga, Iyengar (mixed) 9.30am-11am. Tuesday, men only class, 7pm-8.30pm; Wednesday, mixed, 6.45pm-8.15pm, 10 Perwick Bay, Port St Mary. Call 452791.

• Wheelie Active Parents (mums and buggies) 9.30am – 11am, Villa Marina reception, £2. Also Walk and Talk, Peel promenade, outside Harbour Lights Cafe, 9.45am – 11.30am, £1.50. Friday, Walk and Talk, NSC, Douglas, 9.30am–11.30am; also Mondays’, Poulsom Park, Castletown, 9.45am – 11.30am, £1.50. Racquet Sports and Boccia, 12.15pm–1pm NSC, £1.75, Walk and Talk, 5.30pm–7pm, NSC, £1.50. Tuesdays,Walk and Talk, NSC, 9.30am–11.30am, £1.50. Walk and Talk, Ramsey Mooragh Park, (meet Rugby Club), £1.50, 9.30am–11.30am. Call Gianni 688556.

• Pilates, 9.30am and 10.45am, Hot Yoga 6pm and 7.30pm. Friday: Kettlebells 7am and 1.10pm, Get Yoga Fit 10am, Hot Yoga 6.30pm. Saturday: Hot Yoga, 10am and 11.30am. Sunday: Hot Yoga 10am and 11.30am. Monday: Kettlebells 7am and 1.10pm, Get Yoga Fit 10am, Warm Pilates 5pm, Hot Yoga for Beginners 6.30pm. Tuesday: 7am Hot Yoga, 5.30pm Pilates. Wednesday: Kettlebells 7am and 1.10pm, Get Yoga Fit 10am, Hardcore 6 pack ABS 5.45pm, Pilates 6.30pm at The Gym, Ramsey. Call 812100.

• Gentle Circuits, NSC, Douglas, 11am. Also Saturday. Call 688588.

• Pilates 2pm, 5.30pm and 7pm beginners to intermediate, 38 Woodbourne Square, Douglas. Call 491449.

• Chair-based exercise sessions, Onchan Youth and Community Centre, 1.30pm. Also Friday, Port Erin Methodist Church hall, 2pm; Monday, Ramsey town hall, 10.30am; Tuesday, Castletown Sandfield residents’ lounge, 2pm; Wednesday, Westlands’ residents’ lounge, Peel, 10.30am. Call 642668.

• Tai Chi Chuan, Lezayre parish hall, 2pm. Call 813222.

• Iyengar inspired yoga classes, Children’s Yoga, 3.45pm-4.45pm, reception to Year 3 and 4.45pm-5.45pm, Year 4 to teenagers. Men’s Yoga, 6.30pm-8pm, mixed ability. Hatha Yoga, Monday, 9.15am-10.45am mixed ability for over 60s. Monday, 11am-12.30pm, Hatha Yoga. Wednesday, 7pm-8.30pm mixed ability. All at Laxey Football Club. Call Jane on 863130 or janepycroft@manx.net

• Unite, mixture of Yoga and Pilates, 4pm-5pm. Also, Fridays 6pm Legs Bums and Tums, 7pm Aerial Suspension Fitness. Saturdays, 9.30am Zumba and 10.30am Aerial Fitness. Mondays, 6pm Zumba and 7pm Aerial Yoga. Tuesdays, 6pm, Fitness Pilates and 7pm Kettlebells. Wednesdays, 6pm, High Intensity Interval Training and Fitness Yoga. Jillian’s Unique Fitness Solutions, 48 Loch Promenade, Douglas.

• Manx Fencing Club, Ashley Hill School, Onchan, 4pm. Also seniors at Ballakermeen High School, Douglas, 5pm; Tuesday, Arbory village hall, beginners at 4pm and Grade 1+ 5pm; Wednesday, Ramsey Grammar School, juniors at 5pm and seniors at 6pm, also at Ebenezer Hall, Kirk Michael, juniors at 6.30pm and adults at 7.30pm.

• Southern Gymnastics Club, Ballasalla School, 4pm. Also Tuesday, Castle Rushen High School, 5pm. Call 473741.

• Northern Gymnastics Club, Ramsey Grammar School, 5pm.

• Men on Mats - Core Strength/Pilates Class, 6pm-7pm. £8. Jillian’s Unique Fitness Solutions, 48 Loch Promenade, Douglas. Call 376574.

• Anti-gravity Yoga at Savina’s Secret Studio, Glen Falcon Road, Douglas. 6.30pm. Call 203502.

• Western Athletics Club, QEII High School, 6.30pm.

• Zumba, Carrefour Health Club, Douglas, 6.30pm. Also Monday, 8pm; Wednesday, 9.45am.

• Cardiotone, Laxey Working Men’s Institute, 7pm-8pm. Also Monday 7pm-8pm. Call 452729/863602.

• Peel Badminton Club, Corrin Hall, Peel, 7pm.

• Aquafit, Western Swimming Pool, Peel, 7pm. Also Tuesday, 1.15pm.

• Aerobics and body toning, bring your own mat, Philip Christian Centre, Peel, 7pm. Also Monday, Park View hall, Kirk Michael. Call 455924.

• Yoga, Cooil Methodist hall, 7.15pm. Call 494489.

• Fencing for all ages. Ashley Hill School, 7.30pm. Also Monday, Andreas parish hall, 4.30pm; Tuesday, Arbory parish hall, 4pm and Ebenezer Hall, Kirk Michael, 6.30pm; Wednesday, Scoill Ree Gorree sports hall, Ramsey, 5pm. Call 880863.

• Pole fitness class at Savina’s Secret Studio, Glen Falcon Road, Douglas, 7.45pm. Call 203502.

• Zumba, The Dance Factory, Onchan Park, 7.30pm. Call 425270. Also Tuesday.

Friday, June 6

• Pilates at The Pilates Studio, Viking Longhouse, Middle Wharf, Peel, at 9.30am and The Studio, Falcon Road, Douglas, at 1pm; Monday, The Pilates Studio, Viking Longhouse, Middle Wharf, Peel, at 9.30am and Colby Methodist hall at 6pm; Wednesday, The Pilates Studio, Viking Longhouse, Middle Wharf, Peel, at 5.15pm and 6.30pm. Thursday, The Pilates Studio, Viking Longhouse, Middle Wharf, Peel, at 10am (chair-based Pilates for older, frailer adults) and beginners’ Pilates, 6.15pm. Equipment provided. Ring Lizzy Main on 427401 or visit www.pilates-isle-of-man.co.uk

• Zumba classes advanced, 10.30am. Also Tuesday Zumba intermediate, 8.30am, and Zumba for beginners, Tuesday and Friday, 9.45am at Zumba Isle of Man, Silvercraigs Hotel. Call 677776 or visit www.zumbaisleofman.com

• Acrobatics, The Dance Factory, Onchan Park, 4.30pm.

• Manx ABC Boxing, Palace Terrace, Douglas. Juniors, 6pm. Seniors (age 16+), 7pm. Beginners welcome. Also Monday and Wednesday.

• Yoga, Morton Hall, Onchan, 6.30pm. Call 494489.

• Tai chi chuan, Murray’s Road School, Douglas, 7.30pm. Call 612305.

• Indoor bowls, Legion Hall, Port St Mary, 7.30pm. No experience necessary.

Saturday, June 7

• Pregnancy yoga, All Saints’ hall, Douglas, 10am. Call 461461.

• Yoga, Laxey Working Men’s Institute, 10.15am. Also Monday.

• Yoga, Arbory parish hall, 10.30am. Call 494489.

• Fun and fitness, NSC, Douglas, 11am-noon. Call 688588.

• St Mary’s football club mixed under 11s training, Pulrose football fields, 10.30am. Call 405859.

• Tae Kwondo beginners, Pinewood Complex, Pulrose, 10.45am. Also 6-7yrs, Wednesdays at 5.30pm and Monday and Wednesday, 8-13yrs at 6pm, all ages at 7.15pm. Text 432152.

Sunday, June 8

• Reikido, The Royal British Legion, Port Erin, 11am-12.30pm. Also Monday 8pm-9pm. Call Nick on 398955.

• Bowling club night, Port Erin Bowling Club, Breagle Glen, 4pm-6pm.

• Yoga and Nutrition, Karma Yoga Studio, Douglas. 6-7.30pm.

Monday, June 9

• Women’s activity morning, NSC, Douglas, 9.30am. Call 688556.

• Beginners Yoga, 10am, Karma, 2nd Floor, 8 Victoria Street, Douglas. Also at 10am (over 60s half price, £5).

• Begin to Run ( running club for all abilities), Douglas seafront, meet Jubilee Kiosk, noon – 1pm, cost £2, call Trevor Christian for more details on 688576.

• Stretch ‘n’ Flex exercise, NSC, Douglas, noon. Call 688588.

• Disability swimming sessions, NSC, Douglas, 3pm-4pm, £1.55. Also Tuesday, 6pm-7pm.

• Aquafit, NSC, Douglas, 1.30pm. Also Tuesday at noon and Wednesday at 6pm. Plus Deepwater Aquafit on Monday at 7.15pm, and Thursday Deepwater at 6pm. Call 688556.

• Circuit training, NSC, Douglas, 6pm. Also Wednesday at 6pm. Call 688588.

• Exercise Boot Camp, Corrin Hall, Peel, 6.15pm. Also Wednesday, Philip Christian Centre, Peel, 6pm; Thursday, Glen Vine Church hall, 9.15am.

• Cardiotone, Laxey Working Men’s Institute, 7pm. Also Thursday. Call 452729.

• Women’s self-defence classes, British Legion hall, Port Erin, 7.30pm.

• Kirk Michael Badminton Club, Park View hall, 8pm. Call 878536.

Tuesday, June 10

• Fit2Go walking sessions, car park, Station Road, St John’s, 9am. For women looking to improve their fitness. £3.

• Pilates at 9.15am, 38 Woodbourne Square, Douglas. Pilates at 6.15pm Trinity Church, Ramsey. Also, Balance and Pilates 1.30pm Cooyrt Balleigh, Ramsey. No floor exercise. Call 491449.

• Cheerleading, All Saints’ Church hall, 4.30pm. Call 254499.

• Pilates, the hall at Church on The Rock, Ramsey, 6.15pm. Call 491449.

• Zumba, Fiesta Havana, Douglas, 7pm. Email sjh@manx.net

• Tai Chi Chuan, Lezayre parish community hall, 7pm.

• IoM Karate Federation, Murray’s Road School, juniors 7pm, seniors 7.30pm. Call 612305.

• Badminton club, Arbory School, Ballabeg, 8pm. Call Liz on 466370.

• Early Morning Boot Camp, 6.15am-7am. Also Wednesday and Friday. Evening Boot Camp, 6pm-6.45pm, Tuesday and Thursday, and 9am-9.45am Saturday. Also Kettlebell classes, Wednesday, 6pm-7pm, Saturday, 8am-8.45am, Marown Millennium hall. Call 465335.

Wednesday, June 11

• Gentle yoga, women’s class, Gena’s Dance Academy, Peel, 9.30am. Call 456782.

• Balance and Pilates, 10.30am, Manx Legion Club, Douglas. (No floor exercise). Call 491449.

• Gentle body toning, NSC, Douglas, 11am. Call 688588.

• Chair-based exercises/stretch and flex, NSC, Douglas, noon. Call 688588.

• Thompson Travel Netball Club junior training, Braddan School, 6pm. For ages 10-14.

• Valkyrs Hockey Club training, QEII astro pitch, Peel. Juniors (8+), 6pm; Seniors (13+), 7.30pm. Call 801802.

• Iyengar inspired yoga, 6pm-7.30pm, Brightlife, Andreas. Call Kel on 452015.

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