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Friday, July 1

Catherine James Paintings Exhibition at Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin. Until July 4.

Crosses of Mann, St German’s Cathedral, Peel, 9am-6pm. Also, exhibition by the Fishermen’s Mission includes artwork by pupils from Peel Clothworkers’ School on display in the South Transept.

Summer Exhibition by local artists, Sayle Gallery, Douglas. Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm; Monday, 1-5pm. Until July 10.

Port Erin Regatta Children’s Exhibition, Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin. Wednesday to Friday, 10.30am-4.30pm. Until August 8.

Images of Peel and the island by local photographer John Bennett at Leece Museum. Each day except Monday, 10am- 4pm until July 15. Admission free.

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