Well-known meteorologist Adrian Cowin has joined the Energy & Sustainability Centre IOM (ESC) as a Director.

He worked for 40 years at the Isle of Man’s Met Office and was Senior Meteorological Officer until he retired last summer. During his career he regularly featured in radio broadcasts and is widely regarded as the Island’s foremost expert on weather and climate change.

ESC Director Ralph Peake commented: “Adrian is widely respected for his wealth of scientific expertise on global climate change, and his unique local perspective which stems from a lifetime devoted to studying weather patterns here on the Island. As such he speaks with tremendous authority about what the Island can and must do to manage the impacts of climate change and meet its net-zero targets. Adrian made a valuable contribution to our very successful GreenTalks Live event in November when he was one of the guest panellists, so we are delighted that he has chosen to support ESC’s mission to do as much as we can to accelerate the Island’s transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Click here to watch the first part of the GreenTalks live debate which features Adrian Cowin, Ralph Peake, and presenter/chair Clive Myrie.

Commenting on his appointment as an ESC Director, Adrian said: “I’m delighted to join the professional team at the ESC and to bring my four decades of experience as an Operational Meteorologist and Manager. I’ve seen the gradual but significant changes in our climate and severe weather events and gained a multi-agency insight to mitigating the impacts. I look forward to increasing awareness of the important climate projections for the next few decades across all sectors on the Island; to educate and to inform about reasonable adaptation pathways and to aid planning with actions to a more sustainable and secure future with renewable power sources and improved infrastructure resilience.”

ESC is a not-for-profit NGO and a Manx registered charity which is sponsored by Zurich - Isle of Man, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies, The Peel Group, Capital International Group and Best Energy Solutions Limited.

To find out more about ESC go to www.energysustainabilitycentre.im and follow the charity on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.