The sale of Shoprite to Tesco is not only causing uncertainty for the agricultural sector.

Shoprite stocked a lot of Manx produce and farmers are hoping that Tesco will follow suit – but there are no guarantees. Meanwhile, charities could also be hit.

Bill Dale (pictured below), founder of Beach Buddies, said: ‘We didn’t realise that Beach Buddies was so fortunate to be the recipient of regular support from Shoprite as one of only five charities on the Isle of Man.

‘Shoprite approached us several years ago to offer support by way of monthly vouchers which we have since used to buy much-needed items such as disposable gloves, hand wash, paper towels and cleaning materials, plus things such as tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits to “feed the troops” at our weekly volunteer team sessions which have been running now for almost 18 years.

‘We know that they have also supported four other Manx charities in this way, plus made literally hundreds of one-off donations to all sorts of groups. Shoprite have never asked for any recognition or publicity. This has all been done through their desire to support the local community.

‘Shoprite will be sorely missed. It’s a sad day now that they are passing over their business to one of Britain’s massive supermarket chains.

‘Beach Buddies would like to publicly acknowledge the Nicholson family for their wonderful support over the years, not just for us, but for the whole island.’