Copy of a letter to Tynwald’s economic review committee:

Regarding our government’s proposed Island Master Plan to grow our Isle of Man economy and population to 100,000 or to create an extra 5,000 jobs, I do and I would suggest some others have grave concerns regarding this.

My question is do you have the majority support of our electorate for the path you are proposing to take us down?

Some may say that you have already decided that this plan is a done deal and this is what we are doing. Come what may!

I have suggested in the past that our government must engage with the Manx public to establish if our government does have the public’s support has proposed population growth target to 100,000 or to create an extra 5,000 jobs as a part of their Master Plan.

I fear if you do not carry public support with you this plan will fail.

Clearly we must all pull together at this difficult time but how do you convince our young, vulnerable, old and lower-paid Manx population that the proposed substantial growth in our island’s population will not worsen their chances of acquiring a warm affordable home?

Surely the extra demand for housing and services will only add pressure on our already-struggling service providers.

Also this will push up prices higher and higher for housing and the cost of providing services, this may in turn encourage some of our existing population to leave our island.

Please listen to our most important age group that of our younger population, they are telling you loud and clear they need more than just a job! They also need an enjoyable life!

We clearly have some hard-working dedicated people in our public sector but we need to stop growing our ever-expanding public sector workforce.

We need to assist our existing workers to become more accountable, help them by slashing the mountain of bureaucracy we have on this island and let’s encourage our public sector to work smarter and more efficiently at getting the job done quickly.

Alf Caine

Strang Road


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This letter was first published in the Isle of Man Examiner of March 7.