Having been informed that Isle of Man Electricity [Manx Utilities Authority] are wanting to install smart meters to the island, may I enquire as to the real reason why?

First, over the past year, I have read a lot of adverse response regarding smart meters, in the national papers, from people living in England, writing to the papers with their complaints.

Second, who would be paying for the installation on these meters?

Would it be by stealth from increased standing charges, as someone has to pay for them, and the cost of their installation.

We have to consider that smart meters can be helpful for people who budget their expenses, and can be of assistance for them to see where their money goes.

But for the majority, it will be interesting to see, once the smart meters have been installed, as to when will the public be given the good news regarding peak electricity and off-peak prices?

Unlike England, the Manx public currently have a single rate, which, like petrol, gas, and telephones is more expensive than England.

People do not realise that when they are connected by smart meters, they are permitting the Electricity company to have full control over their electrical services.

Personally, I am not a fan of smart meters, and by choice I certainly would not want one.

Michael Leather

Springfield Court


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of August 24.

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