Garff Commissioners have set-up a new phone ‘hotline’ for residents to report dog fouling in the village.

The authority says the dedicated number was a suggestion from a resident and those calling need to provide the date, time and location of the incident, and whether or not it’s a recurrent problem.

It adds the ‘vast majority’ of dog owners use the bins and bag dispensers but there are a small amount who are ‘irresponsible’.

Those with information can call the hotline on 264808 or email the commissioners via [email protected].

The commissioners also said: ‘This causes great nuisance for the public and for others such as our maintenance staff and contractors when strimming, etc: it is well known that dog faeces contains toxocariasis carrying roundworms that are particularly dangerous to children’s health.

‘If fouling is reported we will attend and remove the faeces as soon as possible.’

Where information is provided the commissioners will investigate reports and take action if it has clear evidence that identifies them.