A person has suffered 'severe burns' and has been transferred to the UK for specialist treatment after a fire in Douglas in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service were called out to a fire at Fairfield Terrace in Douglas at approximately 00:02am.

The fire, which happened at a house of multiple occupation (HMO), was caused by a faulty laptop battery.

A spokesperson for the Fire and Rescue Service said: 'Douglas crews, consisting of two fire appliances and the duty officer, were mobilised to reports of a structure fire at approximately 00:02 last night.

'On arrival the officer in charge was made aware of one casualty suffering with burns and established there was smoke logging on the third floor of the property.

'Crews administered first aid to the casualty prior to handing them over to our colleagues in the ambulance service for treatment.

'Simultaneously a team was committed into the property to extinguish a small fire with a high pressure hose reel. The property was then vented using a positive pressure fan.

'The fire alarm system activated efficiently giving early warning for occupants to evacuate the building.

'However, a team of firefighters who had been committed to sweep the property found a number of occupants had not evacuated on hearing the alarm and were removed from the property.

'A working fire alarm affords occupants the vital time to self-rescue in the event of a fire. We cannot stress more highly the importance of leaving your property and staying out of the property until it has been established it is safe to re-enter.'