Cheesden Investments Ltd is applying for planning permission (21/01341/B) to convert a tholtan (a ruined Manx cottage) into a livable dwelling again.

The tholtan is situated on the Darragh Road, between Port Erin and Cregneash.

The company, which is based at Billown Mansion in Ballasalla, wants to rebuild the structure up to its eaves, and add a new slate roof constructed on top of the old walls. The existing door and window apertures will be retained and doors and windows installed within them.

A 5.3 metre extension is also being proposed for the rear, finished in stone to match the existing structure, which was formerly known as Kate’s Cottage.

A new 1.5 metre high sod hedge will also be built with earth taken from the levelling of the site.

A structural engineer’s report concluded that the existing structure can accommodate the proposed conversion works, with some rebuilding of loose and cracked stone, the replacement of slate lintels, and the removal of vegetation.

A previous application (19/00448/B) for the renovation of this property, with a larger proposed curtilage and plans to build up the structure into a two storey property, was refused.

This was because the proposed alterations would have adversely changed the existing structure’s character, the plans to introduce large amounts of hard standing would have an adverse visual impact, and that there was no information provided to show a potable water supply could be provided, or the impact on a nearby watercourse.

In this new application, the depth of the plot has been reduced, a one storey dwelling proposed, with care to be taken to avoid disruption to the nearby stream, and water supply provided by Manx Utilities.