The five vacancies in the Legislative Council have all been filled in the first round of voting.

And with all females elected, the result will go some way to address the gender imbalance in Tynwald.

Jane Poole-Wilson was returned to the upper house after topping the poll with 22 votes.

She will be joined for a five year term in LegCo by Kate Lord-Brennan, Tanya Humbles and Marlene Hendy, who picked up 16, 15 and 14 votes respectively.

Kerry Sharpe, who secured 13 votes, also gained a seat in the upper house but with a shorter term of two years.

The unsuccessful candidates were Kevin Cartledge, 12 votes; Shirley Ellen Corlett, 10 votes; Dawn Joughin, nine votes; Juan Kelly and Andrea Chambers with seven votes each: John Skinner, six votes; Alistair Ramsay and Christine Wheeler five votes each and Richard Furner and Andrew Hardy with four votes each.