Port St Mary Commissioners has praised the Southern Neighbourhood Policing Unit as 'invaluable'.

Speaking at the latest 'police roadshow' at Castle Rushen High School, clerk of Port St Mary Commissioners Hayley Kinvig said the board has some 'real success stories' whilst working with the unit.

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The local authority has regular contact with the community officers to discuss problems in the village, with Ms Kinvig describing the service as 'really important’.

She said: 'I work with them really closely. They’ll come down and we’ll discuss any concerns we’ve got about residents. We'll then partner up together, get resources out to them and help them.

'You don’t get that in bigger places, especially in the UK. It’s really important and we’ve had some real success stories with being able to put support in place for people and that’s what’s really important for us.

'The community policing is really important and I would never want to see it go.'

Also attending the roadshow was chair of the commissioners, Bernadette Williams. She said: 'It is invaluable they are there and they come and sit and talk to us.

'They listen to us which is priceless. Weekly, they’ll pop in and see if we have anything to discuss with them, and they’re always there at the end of the phone should we need them.

'They always have a presence at our community events too, such as the Anchor Memorial and Remembrance Day. They never miss it.'

Ms Kinvig continued to talk about the unit's involvement with schools. She said: 'They are in the schools an awful lot.

'We try to integrate with schools as much as we can and they always support us with that, even if they just give out advice.

'I've got a teenage son and so I've seen the police attend the schools myself - they're absolutely brilliant.'