Scouting in the Isle of Man has now restarted after lockdown ended.

During the period of restrictions on public gatherings and social contact, the Scout Association Isle of Man was forced to suspend all face-to-face activities.

Scouting on the Isle of Man began in 1909 and has never been suspended before - even during the world wars.

During the First World War 1st Ramsey Scouts were called up to act as lookouts for enemy shipping on the north-east coast, but with all face-to-face activities suspended this is the first time in the island’s history that all physical meetings have been called off.

Since the movement was established here thousands of young people and adults alike have enjoyed learning skills for life out in the Manx countryside.

Over the past few months however they have had to adapt using social media, video conferencing and other media channels to participate in indoor scouting activities.

Now with social distancing measures being lifted Scouting has made a return, after gaining a special exemption from their national headquarters to return to face-to-face meetings before their UK counterparts. And they have big plans to celebrate.

Later in the year they’re hoping to run a Grand Day Out for all members of the association, no matter how young or old, to get everyone together after such a long time apart. It’s hoped that around 500 young people and adults will attend the event in total, competing in various games and activities.

The day will be themed around sports, teamwork, friendship and unity.

Individual groups across the island are also planning their own outdoor activities after missing several weeks of the spring term - with kayaking, climbing, hiking, cycling, bush craft and archery are on the cards.

These sessions are run by volunteers within the organisation who have undertaken training to run the activities and the Manx Scouts are constantly looking for more volunteers to help with this.

Any members of the public, no matter what age can join the Scouts. Adult volunteers are always in demand to help their ever-growing number of young people - and all skillsets are welcome - from accountants, to paramedics, to chefs.

Everyone has something to share and some skills for life to pass on to the next generation of Scouts.

If you’re interested in joining scouts on the Isle of Man, either as an adult or young person, visit