Nine Manx Scouts will be attending the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea next year.

They aim to raise £40,000 to make this possible, which will cover travel costs and fund other countries to send Scouts to the event.

The Scouts are representing the island and will be joining Cumbrian Scouts and North-West Guides to create ‘Unit 48’.

Joey Hill, one of the Scouts who will be attending, said: ‘In total, we will have to raise £40,000 for nine scouts and one leader to attend Work Scout Jamboree.

‘The reason this figure is so high is that we help fund for other countries to send Scouts that are less fortunate than us. Whilst at the jamboree for 2 weeks, there’ll be over 50,000 scouts from across the globe attending.’

The 14-year-old, who livesin Onchan,

added: ‘This jamboree is a once in a lifetime experience as only 14- to 18-year-olds (at the time of the jamboree) are eligible to attend in South Korea.

‘I believe that I’m most looking forward to the atmosphere, the people I’ll meet, the memories I’ll create and, most of all, representing the Isle of Man and telling other countries about our great island.’

At the beginning of April, the scouts had a training weekend which included team building exercises, such as charity work and problem solving. They also participated in the first Great Manx Fun Run and completed a seven-mile walk the next day. To support their adventure, email scouting leader: [email protected]