Kirk Michael butcher Lee Mayers has taken delivery of traditional 100% grass fed lambs from the Kermodes’ family farm at Orrisdale.

These lambs won the class recently brought into the Prime Stock Show schedule for lambs from a mule crossbred ewe.

Kirree Kermode said: ’The championship winners at the show genetically need corn mix to get the finish on them. It’s a very fine art to get them to that standard and they usually have to be kept indoors too.

’The "everyday" type of lambs which most island producers raise will never beat those lambs in show final championships. They are raised outdoors, generally on grass or a kale or turnip green crop with minimal interference.

’This new class was to encourage those farmers, who are producing this type of lamb week in, week out for Isle of Man Meats.

’It is a chance to show them off and give recognition to traditional breeds for their superb flavour and eating qualities.

’Our winning lambs which Lee chose were a pair of Suffolk mules grading at U3Hs 22kgs.

’Lee had specifically asked for a certain type of prize winner, choosing traditional grass fed lambs carrying a little more finish than the modern continental breeds.

’Lee also chose prize winning beef from the Cormode family from Bride: a perfect weight U4L homebred steer with a really good covering of fat.

’Lee believes marbling is absolutely essential for cooking and taste and can always be cut before serving.’