The Ronaldsway Met Office has confirmed that September was the warmest recorded on the island.

The island enjoyed what was described as a ‘late burst of summer’, at the start of the month with temperatures simmering up to the early 20s on some days.

The average daily temperature over the the course of the month was 15.5°C - just slightly higher than the previous September record which was set in 2006.

The warmest day was September 5 with 24.5°C being recorded at Ronaldsway on the date.

In total, the Isle of Man enjoyed 148.6 hours of sunshine during the month - about 10 hours more than the long term average for September.

But it wasn’t all smiles and sunshine in September.

A total of 108.1mm of rain fell on the island during the month - 40% more than the long term average for September.

It was also a windy month with wind speeds reaching an average of 11.8knots.

Storm Agnes on September 27 brought gusts of 70mph at more exposed parts of the island.