The coastguard has rescued a dog from a cliff face.

Douglas Coastguard was called out at 6.20pm yesterday (Thursday) to Douglas Head to rescue the dog, which had become trapped in netting on the cliff face behind Manx Petroleum.

It said that the job was ‘made difficult’ by the thick undergrowth the team had to get through and then ‘the fact the dog was behind the netting’.

‘Another difficulty was that we we’re only able to use whistles to communicate as our radios are not intrinsically safe to be in the compound of Manx Petroleum,’ Douglas Coastguard said.

‘Fortunately we managed to recover the dog safe and well.

‘We would also like to thank Douglas Lifeboat Crew who were able to help us locate the dog.

‘They were able to spot him for us from their boathouse and then give us directions as to where to position ourselves at the top, as they were on their routine crew training night.’