An amputee will be taking on the Parish Walk this year.

Adam Knight, who had his left leg amputated in 2022, is raising money for the Wooden Spoon Wheelchair Sports Club by doing the race on crutches.

Behind the club is a collaboration between the Wooden Spoon charity and Manx Sport and Recreation.

It welcomes people with a wide range of disabilities to play sports in the island.

Mr Knight wants to raise awareness of the club as well as funds, and has managed to beat his target in the first day of his JustGiving page going live, with over £1,000 so far.


‘What can I say? In less than 24 hours I have raised my target through the generosity of friends and family,’ the 43-year-old said. ‘I am absolutely blown away by everyone’s support so far and humbled at the same time.

‘This money will help to continue the great facility that is the Wheelchair Sports Club. If people still want to donate they can continue to do so, every extra penny would spur me on in repaying the kindness shown so far by going that extra mile when tested.

‘There is an insufficient character allowance to truly express my gratitude.’

In 2010 Mr Knight had a mega prosthesis implanted following a diagnosis of a stage three spindle cell sarcoma in his left knee.

He explained that treatment for the cancer involved the removal of his knee joint, and partial removal of his femur and tibia along with chemotherapy.

He continued: ‘The multiple procedures were successful, the cancer was treated, and I could continue my life, albeit with lots of physiotherapy.

‘Unfortunately, I would need to rely on the NHS, its wonderful professionals, my loved ones, friends, and work colleagues a bit more.

‘Suddenly and without warning two days before Christmas 2021 my leg implants became infected resulting in sepsis, ultimately causing the amputation of my left leg in July 2022.

‘Having my leg amputated not only resolved the infection, but it removed for the first time in over a decade the pain freeing me to get on with my life once more.’

Following this, Mr Knight came across the Wheelchair Sports Club.

‘Freed from the pain and at the beginning of my rehabilitation I stumbled (forgive the pun) upon the club,’ he said. ‘I had not been able to take part in sports or physical activity for a long time and I was determined to work up a sweat and get involved at the first possible opportunity.

‘A genuinely happy, relaxed, mixed group of individuals all with their own stories to be told welcomed me with open arms.

‘The club, while informal and unassuming, allowed me to focus upon what I could do which surprisingly was quite a bit.

‘The members have helped me to build my confidence and wellbeing.

‘I would recommend everyone, children and adults alike, should have a go (you don’t need to have a disability to get involved) as it is rewarding and quite a laugh at the same time.

‘The club is a charity and relies on people’s generosity to make a difference to its members, which is why I would like to raise some funds for the continued maintenance and upkeep of equipment so everyone can continue to enjoy the facility that has helped me so much.

‘If enough donations can be raised, perhaps I can convince a few members and others to give Wheelchair Rugby League a go and we can start an Isle of Man team (but that’s my own dream).’

The father-of-two wants to see nothing hold his two boys back and feels ‘we should always help others if we are able’.

Mr Knight explained why he wants to take on the 85-mile challenge that is the Parish Walk.

‘Athletes as well as locals have traditionally undertaken this immense task with varying levels of success, the winners post ridiculous times around the course,’ he said.

‘I ask what better event to take part in with one leg?

‘I will be taking part in this event on my crutches hopping rather than walking and I would love to have people’s support.’

Mr Knight’s race number will be 777 and people can track his progress on June 24 on the Parish Walk website.

He added: ‘I understand circumstances are challenging for so many these days and so if you can afford a pound or a few spare pence please help me reach my modest target.’

Find his page on JustGiving by searching ‘Weʼre raising £1,000 to Help raise funds for Manx sport and recreation wheelchair sports club’.