Dr Rosalind Ranson has reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Social Care, bringing an end to the tribunal matters between the two.

Under the agreement, the DHSC will donate £5,000 to Hospice Isle of Man.

Dr Ranson was previously awarded £3.1m by a tribunal following her unfair dismissal.

In a judgment issued by tribunal chair Douglas Stewart, the panel confirmed that Dr Ranson withdrew her complaint on July 19, but that costs were still to be agreed.

The judgment says: ‘The respondent (DHSC) apologises without reservation for the damaging treatment Dr Ranson suffered throughout her time as medical director with the respondent, as recorded in both the Liability and Remedies Judgments (which are publicly available) and which (as appears from those Judgments) included significant continuing detriments after March 2021.’

The department has also agreed to adopt and repeat the apologies made to Dr Ranson by Chief Minister Alf Cannan and Health Minister Lawrie Hooper.

In the House of Keys on May 9, Mr Cannan expressed: ‘my deep regret that Dr Ranson was subjected to such unprofessional and damaging behaviours whilst in post as the medical director’ and offered ‘my deepest apologies for the harm she has experienced’.

Mr Hooper, on May 16, offered ‘a sincere apology to Dr Rosalind Ranson on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care for the way that she was treated by the department’.