Douglas North MHK, David Ashford has said that civil servants are struggling to get second jobs, due to regulations.

In Tynwald on Wednesday, Mr Ashford asked the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Kate Lord-Brennan, what the policy is in relation to civil servants holding second jobs.

Ms Lord-Brennan said that it is set out in the civil service terms and conditions whereby civil servants have to get approval from their line manager ensuring there are no conflict of interests. The Glenfaba and Peel MHK added there are no plans to review this.

Mr Ashford said that the policy has not been updated in decades and is outdated.

He added: ‘We have civil servants who before they can get approval, are missing out on jobs.’

Ms Lord-Brennan said: ‘The policy does not prevent uptaking of second jobs.

‘I think that feels like an appropriate fit, rather than remove the process that would ensure appropriate review of second jobs.

Mr Ashford responded: ‘The key is that civil servants must seek prior approval from their line manager before they can accept positions.

‘This holds things up, so they are missing out on job opportunities. ‘

He added: ‘One civil servant has told me that they are considering going to the private sector so if they are on a similar wage, at least they would be able to get a second job.

Ms Lord-Brennan said: ‘I can check the particular wording.

‘The point is you need approval prior to undertaking work not applying.’

Mr Ashford said: ‘The private sector has similar rules against conflict of interest, but it seems in this case they are ahead of government.’

Ms Lord-Brennan responded: ‘I think the private sector is often ahead of government.’

She added: ‘I haven’t had major feedback on this, and will find out when it was reviewed, if it was decades ago, as you say, maybe it should be.’