Coronavirus support data published

By Siobhan Fletcher   |   Reporter   |
Monday 9th May 2022 4:12 pm
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The Isle of Man Government has published details of all payments made under the various coronavirus support schemes.

In total, around £110 million was paid out to local businesses across the eight schemes covered.

Almost £80 million was handed out as part of the Salary Support Scheme and over £10 million as part of the Coronavirus Business Support Scheme, with a similar amount given again during the two circuit break lockdowns.

In terms of Premises Support, around £2 million was given out with a further £2 million for Business Adaptation and Overheads.

A total of roughly £5 million was paid out for the December and Winter disruption schemes and Hospitality Transition Support.

Nine companies were paid more than £1m each under the coronavirus Salary Support Scheme alone.

These companies reflect some of the largest employers in the island.

Under the scheme, Ronaldsway Aircraft Company was paid £3.7 million and Swagelok Ltd and the Palace Hotel and Casino received £1.9 million.

Airbase Flight Support, Heron and Brearley, King William’s College, the Sefton Group, Sleepwell Hotels and Triumph Actuation Systems were all paid more than £1 million under the scheme.

The Sefton Group (the Sefton Hotel, Palace Hotel and Casino, Sefton Express) also received a further £1.8 million via the Strategic Capacity Scheme.

They were given nine separate payments, one in each round of the scheme, totalling £1,813,202.53.

Under the Business Support Scheme, Sefton Group were given a further £3,000.

Altogether, over the course of the pandemic the Sefton Group were given nearly £3 million in financial support from the government.

Elsewhere, five companies have paid back what they were given from the government under the Salary Support Scheme in full.

Arragon Properties, Island Aggregates, McKenzie Fox, Ramsey Bakery and one un-named firm paid back their support, totalling just over £300,000.

Several company names are redacted from the documents.

This was an option open to applicants who received financial assistance under any of the schemes.

All those who received monetary assistance were notified by email of the intention to publish details of their claim(s) and anyone who was concerned that the release of their information might cause them damage or distress was encouraged to contact the relevant department.

Stephen Bradley, chair of Business Isle of Man, said: ‘These financial schemes were developed very quickly in response to an emergency and the funds were critical in supporting business and employees during this extraordinary time.’

The documents, which are available in full online, include details of applicants who received financial assistance under the following schemes:

l Coronavirus Business Support Scheme: This was established in March 2020 to provide grant assistance to support local businesses in designated sectors that were financially affected by the pandemic. The scheme provided grant support of £3,000 and was administered over seven funding rounds.

l Business Premises Support Scheme: This was established in March 2021 and provided grant assistance equivalent to the value of a business’ annual rates payment to support businesses in designated sectors which were financially affected by the pandemic.

The scheme was created to assist eligible businesses and self-employed persons whose turnover had been materially impacted by 25% or more over the course of the pandemic; and who were operating from commercial business premises.

l Hospitality Transition Support Scheme: This provided financial assistance to eligible businesses based on three times a business’ annual rates bill for its commercial premises to support over the transitional period of the three months of June, July and August 2021.

l Winter Disruption Scheme: This provided a grant to eligible businesses comprising four years’ business rates (based on 2020 or 2019 Rates) for those with commercial premises; or a payment of £4,000 for those without commercial premises; or a payment of £3,000 where the business is in receipt of either the Coronavirus Recovery Scheme or the Coronavirus Business Support Scheme (Round 7).

l December Disruption scheme: This was created in direct response to the winter Covid-19 developments to support customer facing businesses.

The support available under this Scheme was a one-off payment of up to £6,000 per business.

l Coronavirus Recovery Scheme: This operates in two parts and provides grant assistance to eligible businesses which have been negatively affected by the restrictions resulting from the ongoing pandemic. The two parts of the Scheme are as follows:

Support towards business adaptation – this option for support was open to a wide range of sectors other than those excluded.

Assistance towards essential business overheads – this option is was only open to businesses in the tourism and travel related sectors.

l Strategic Capacity Scheme: Established to provide financial assistance to tourist accommodation businesses to ensure the island retains its strategic tourism accommodation capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial support through this scheme was offered on a tiered range basis, based on the average revenue per room and the accommodation provider’s occupancy rates.

l Salary Support Scheme: This was first launched in March 2020. It originally provided a contribution to a maximum of £280 per week per full time employee.

The maximum contribution was increased to £310 per week per full time employee from March 2021 onwards.