An incident in Pulrose in which armed police were seen knocking on doors asking residents for CCTV footage has sparked a debate about whether permanent CCTV should be installed in the area.

There had been a temporary camera, put up by Douglas Council overlooking Manor Park, but it was removed earlier this year.

In an email chain between the councillors and Douglas South MHKs, Councillor Steven Crellin requested the installation of a permanent CCTV camera in that spot.

One resident, who did not want to be named, contacted the Examiner to raise concerns about safety in the area following the removal of the camera.

The resident said: ‘I believe the increase of crime is a result of the removal of CCTV.

‘Incidents I recall in the area are personal items being stolen from gardens, arson, fireworks being posted through letter boxes, criminal damage to vehicles, burglaries, teenagers kicking doors and starting fires, stabbings and dangerous driving.’

Douglas South MHK Claire Christian said: ‘I have been in communication with the council, and the council is also very concerned.

‘It is looking into reinstalling CCTV in the area, which I would support.’

She said that Douglas Council would see what options were available.

Douglas South MHK Sarah Maltby said: ‘I believe that Douglas Borough Council would be required to make a business case to the DoI if they wanted to proceed with an application for funding to install CCTV.

‘I have been contacted by a handful of constituents who feel that CCTV should be installed on a more permanent basis.

‘I believe that temporary mobile CCTV is utilised on an ad-hoc basis as this has been reported to me by my constituents.

‘Pulrose has a great community but much like many other places can experiences sporadic unpleasant incidents. The installation of CCTV may deter this however, it would require a substantial investment by the Douglas Borough Council and that requires serious consideration.’