Port Erin Commissioners are hosting a competition for children to design their ‘dream’ public space.

Urban planner Betty Laurincova is working with the local authority to enable people to share their ideas about what they would like to see and have around the village.

She says people have been creative so far and have an ‘image’ or ‘vision’ of what they want.

Children up to 16 years old can submit designs and creations with the chance to win a prize.

The competition closes on April 28 and anyone with a design can send them to [email protected]

The authority has been conducting a survey about public spaces in the village and asking for suggestions.

Ms Laurincova said: ‘As a lot of people came with their own ideas that were quite creative. I was worried that people will come just to complain.

‘But the way people communicated them, they were more suggestions, with the belief that things can be better.’