The Chief Minister lashed out at a backbencher for ‘moaning’ in Tynwald this morning.

MHK Tim Glover had asked an emergency question about the stability of government following the sacking of former health minister Rob Callister.

Mr Cannan had listed a number of achievements that this administration has brought forward, but Mr Glover argued that the minister wasn’t being ‘transparent’ and there had been a number of ‘shuffles’ within government.

The Chief Minister hit out at him in his answer, accusing him of ‘sitting moaning on the backbenches’ while the government is ‘getting on delivering with the purposes of government’ and ‘tackling some of the key and critical issues that this island is facing’.

He added: ‘There have been some movements, some of them unexpected, one or two expected. There are some choppy waters but if you want to create an omelette some eggs do get cracked.’