A 37-year-old man has been given a conditional discharge for cocaine possession.

Geoffrey Ronald Barber had been released from a prison sentence early, but has since been recalled back to jail as a result of his latest offences.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that at the time the offence was committed, Barber was living at the probation accommodation Tromode House, having been released early from a prison sentence, which had been imposed for importing class A drugs.

On Sunday, October 3 last year, staff reported a smell of cannabis coming from his room.

A subsequent search of his room found 0.36 grams of cocaine, as well as a small amount of cannabis.

The court heard that Barber had previously been given a fine for the cannabis possession but had not been able to pay it as he had been recalled to the Isle of Man prison in Jurby.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said that his client was recalled on Tuesday, October 17, so had since served five months at the prison, the equivalent of a 10 month long sentence.

Mr Rodgers said that Barber had previously challenged the recall and had been unsuccessful but had asked him to now look into it further.

The advocate said that his client had a history of drug consumption and had been sent to a rehabilitation facility in the United Kingdom last year for treatment.

Regrettably however, Barber was said to not be over his habit, the court was told.

Mr Rodgers asked the court to take into account that Barber had already been recalled to prison and had also received a fine for the cannabis found during the same search.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood issued the conditional discharge which will run for 12 months.