A man who trashed his partner’s home after she ended their relationship has been put on probation for two years.

Shaun David Bignall broke electrical items and smashed camper van windows, with his ex-girlfriend and her child fleeing to a neighbour’s house.

The 33-year-old admitted burglary with intent to damage as well as two counts of property damage.

We previously reported that Bignall had been in a relationship with the woman for just under a year.

On September 30, she said that she had decided to end the relationship.

This prompted Bignall to throw a gym weight through the window of the woman’s camper van.

He also spat on the television but left after being told he was no longer welcome.

However, on October 2 at 3.30am, the woman said she was in her kitchen when she heard smashing sounds in her garden and she saw Bignall standing at her gate holding a metal rod.

He kicked the gate off its hinges and then walked towards her while holding the rod.

Bignall then started kicking the door panel as the woman and her child begged him to stop.

He got inside, then threw an ashtray and said: ‘I haven’t even started yet.’

The woman and her child fled to a neighbour and the police were called.

Bignall was later arrested and told police: ‘What I should have done is kick her teeth in.’

The house was said to be ‘destroyed’ with electrical items smashed.

A golf club was found outside and thought to be the metal rod which Bignall was seen holding.

The woman was said to have retracted her statement since the incident and then got back into a relationship with Bignall.

Defence advocate Deborah Myerscough said that the woman had continued in a relationship with the defendant throughout court proceedings but it had since ended again.

Ms Myerscough said that her client had been before the court many times over the years but there had been a significant slide in his mental health.

She said that he had been on remand since October, apart from one week, and that nothing would change if he could not deal with his mental health issues.

The advocate said that probation would be able to assist him with this.

‘If we don’t resolve his mental health issues what’s going to change?’ said Ms Myerscough.

Magistrates chair Andrea Tabb told Bignall, who lives at Mooragh Promenade: ‘Your behaviour, for whatever reason, was appalling.

‘We do understand your difficulties but equally you aren’t helping yourself with continued use of illegal substances and alcohol.’

Ms Tabb said that a probation order would involve Bignall doing offence focused work, partner violence-related work, and anger management work.

He was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs at a rate of £5 per week.