Thirty-three computerised red flag lights are being installed around the Mountain Course to add to the many changes at TT 2022.

It comes as part of this year’s new safety management system and is designed to maximise the safety of all the races and mitigate risks.

The digital flags, which will display only red, will be in addition to the standard marshal flags across the course, and are positioned in specific areas that have clear visibility and are suitable for bikes to slow down and pull into.

The digital equipment, which comes from the same supplier that provides the system for MotoGP and Formula One, will be controlled at the push of a button by the Clerk of the Course at race control. He can immediately bring all racing across the 37.7-mile course to a stop.

Gary Thompson, clerk of the course, said: ‘This is a significant new safety measure brought in to enhance marshalling the TT course and supplement the work of the TT Marshals’ Association.’

He went on to stress that the inclusion of the new safety management system did not take away the importance of the marshals during the event.

He said: ‘This will not replace any marshal points or marshals on the ground, our reliance on the TT Marshals’ Association and the many volunteers who sign on to marshal the TT course over the two-week period is huge and their important role in providing communication to competitors during periods of qualifying and racing cannot be stressed enough.’

In addition to digital flags, TT 2022 will see the introduction of global positioning system (GPS) tracking for all vehicles operating on the course, including course cars, response cars, race bikes, sidecars and travelling marshals.

The GPS tracking will be tested at this year’s event and become mandatory for TT 2023, and will be overseen by those in race control at the top of the Grandstand Tower, who will have the advantage of improved technology as well as a redesigned day-to-day working environment.

Despite original proposals for CCTV cameras to be set out at key areas of the Mountain Course this year, Gary Thompson confirmed there is now an alternative plan.

He said: ‘For TT 2022 there won’t be CCTV placed around the course but instead race control will benefit from the cameras around the course as part of the live online TV coverage from TT partners Greenlight TV, who are providing the extensive TV coverage.

‘This will provide greater visibility for the race control team to enhance their management of the 37.7 mile TT Mountain Course.’