As it was Valentine’s Day this week, we asked whether people we bumped into on Strand Street celebrated Valentine’s, the reasons behind this, and how the various couples met their partners.

We chatted to them before the big day and all six of our respondents said they would do something to mark the occasion.

Kirree Milne from Colby, said that she was going for a bike ride with her partner.

She and her partner were friends first, before they started dating.

She said: ‘We try to go out whenever we can.

‘You can go out and have a meal anytime but when you have got kids it is harder to go out and have a couple hours in the day together so we are doing that.

She added: ‘I think when you are with someone you can treat them any time.

‘Time alone keeps everything going, because kids take over your life when you have got them.

‘It is nice to have a bit of us time, have a bit of fun, have a bit of a laugh, instead of just going for a meal.’

Ron and Ruth Bannan, from Douglas, say that they always do something for Valentine’s Day.

The couple, who have been together for 60 years, and married for 57 years, met on a blind date.

Ruth said: ‘My sister was going out with Ron’s brother, and I thought, well we have both broken up with our boyfriends/ girlfriends so they arranged a blind date, and we have been a couple ever since.

‘We always celebrate Valentine’s Day, we swap cards, maybe a little gift, and have a meal out, so yeah, it doesn’t harm to keep the romance going.’

She added: ‘We normally spend it on the island and have a meal out at night, but this time we are having lunch with a couple of friends.

‘It reminds you of the romance you have had throughout the years, certainly when you are first together, it is a wonderful feeling.’

David Allwood, from Peel, recently celebrated his 40-year anniversary with his wife.

He said: ‘I met her at a student party at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We noticed we had a few things in common, got talking and the rest is history really.’

He explained why he likes Valentine’s Day: ‘It’s mid February so spring is around the corner, you get rid of the Christmas fall out, and it is a celebration somewhere between winter and spring so it is nice to celebrate something.

‘Our plans this year are that we are out Friday night, and then on Valentine’s Day we will be swapping cards and gifts.’

You may have seen our final couple Ruby Biscoe-Taylor and Lukasz Gziut around Marks & Spencer in town, as Ruby regularly busks.

The couple, who live in Douglas, met at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Ruby said: ‘He had just left university and I was in my second year.

‘He came back to see his friends during freshers week and we met in the students’ union.

Lucasz, who is from London, moved over to the island with Ruby.

This Valentine’s Day, Ruby said: ‘We have not booked anything yet, but we think we might have dinner or something.’ Lucasz added: ‘The only thing I have booked is a haircut.’

One thing that has been planned is Ruby is going to people’s offices to sing a song to them on behalf of their partners or admirers.

Ruby said: ‘I was thinking about singing telegrams for people, not for us but for others, going to people’s offices, singing in their faces and embarrassing them if anyone fancies it.’