The Department of Infrastructure says that flood defences have been working well.

It comes after two amber tidal warnings were issued by the Ronaldsway Met Office for March 22 and 23.

This sparked flood warnings in Ramsey, Laxey and Castletown.

A spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure said: ‘A multi-agency tactical coordinating group was convened and decisions were made to deploy temporary defences around the island’s low-lying coastal areas and harbours.

‘Castletown has benefited from flood defences designed to protect against the risk of tidal flooding up to a one-in-200-year event up to the year 2115, including allowance for climate change.

‘A one-in-200-year return period event can also be described as having a 0.5% chance of occurring in any given year.

‘The Castletown scheme, which received planning approval in October 2016, comprises raised or set-back harbour walls and gates.

‘The defences were designed to benefit areas around Milner Terrace, Back Hope Street, Victoria Road, Bridge Street, Qualtrough’s Yard and the Boat Park.

‘Castletown has a history of tidal flooding from the harbour with eight events recorded between 1896 and 2002. More recently there has been tidal flooding seen in Castletown in 2014.

‘The defences performed as expected during the recent high tides and low lying harbour areas were duly protected. Temporary flood defences were also deployed by the DoI in Ramsey along West Quay, with residents and businesses in the area contacted by Civil Defence volunteers in advance to warn of flooding and take actions to reduce their flood risk.

‘Defences were deployed in advance of the high tides, however tidal levels along West Quay did not reach properties on south side of West Quay.

‘Sandbags were made available at multiple locations around the island for any residents who needed them.

‘Road closures around exposed areas of the coast were put in place to protect the public from wave and debris overtopping around the high tides.’