Easy to read and beautifully illustrated, a new book has been released for all those, young and old alike, who have ever wanted to know more about our feathered friends.

‘The Birds of Soalt Garden’, written Chrissy Milner, offers details, facts and affectionate insights into the lives of the many birds you may see popping in and out of your back garden.

Illustrated by Julia Ashby Smyth, Chrissy’s book was inspired by her love of watching the garden birds inhabit her garden on Soalt Hill, Colby, and she wanted to help others who share her love and fascination of the feathered flyers, to find out more about them.

The book features 21 birds, with descriptions on their habits, colouring, diets and different types of bird-song, together with hints and tips on how to encourage birds to your own garden, and how to keep them happy once they are there.

‘I have always loved watching birds,’ said Chrissy.

‘I have been observing the birds that come into my garden for a number of years.

‘My book is not scientific, but reflects my love of birds and is aimed at people who have a similar love.

‘It is written for children, but I think it gives a lot of information that adults will find useful too.

‘It is for people who see a bird and have no idea what it is, but would like to find out more about it, and whether it is a bird that lives on the island all the time, or a summer or winter migrant bird.

‘There are bits of my own reflections about the character of the birds.

‘I have also added a bit about my own garden and what we do to attract birds, along with a page on natural foods, plants and insects and the importance of attracting birds into your garden.

‘There are also hints and tips about what you can with your own garden, no matter how small it is.

‘Even a postage-stamp-sized garden can attract birds with the right plants.

‘I don’t have a favourite bird, as I like them all,’ she added.

‘There aren’t any birds that I like more than others, and I love to sit and watch them from my kitchen window.

‘I am lucky in that, where I live is quite rural, and I get a great many birds visiting, from the smaller chaffinches and sparrows to larger birds like jackdaws and pheasants. We even get buzzards who swoop in occasionally.

‘But the vast majority of the birds in this book you would see anywhere, especially in your own garden.’

‘Birds of Soalt Garden’ is available from local bookshops.