Manx musician Jack Wolter is returning to the island for the TT with the first tour of his music project Cubzoa and The Leaning.

The five-piece band, who all live and play music in Brighton, have a number of shows lined up across the island, in which they play songs from all of the projects they play in - Cubzoa, The Leaning, Penelope Isles and Farmers Blood.

Jack told Island Life: ‘We named the tour “Desolation in Paradise”, the idea of feeling nothing/ numbness but surrounded by beauty.

‘This concept really resonated for us. I was telling the others about the TT and how full on the race is. The name kind of reflects what the race is. The oxymoronic nature of the race.

‘How it can be seen as a fun time where we all go get drunk party but is actually one of the most dangerous and fatal sports in the world. That’s pretty beautiful in itself. The undercurrent of severity and seriousness. The want and need to take part in something and make it your life.’

He described their music as a combination of psychedelic, rock and roll, sun kissed surf-pop all soaked in lush harmonies.

Their inspirations include The Pixies, Beach Boys, Springsteen, Radiohead, Dylan, Talking Heads and Elvis.

The band comprises of Jack (Cubzoa/Penelope Isles), Sam Jordan, Declan Haughian, Ezzy Stone, Jamie Bullers (The Leaning) and Elliott Tatler (LLSN).

‘We all live and play music in Brighton – mainly with our other projects – but this tour to the island is the first tour we have combined forces,’ Jack said. ‘We were searching for a new way of exploring our songs. I had been working on a new Cubzoa album and the boys were keen to get out on the road. I’m a big fan of Sam and Ez’s songs, so we teamed up.

‘Having different members come and go and swapping instruments really paints the songs in a different light. It feels like the Isle of Man is the perfect place to explore a different format.’

Their first gig is on Wednesday, June 7, on the Port Erin beach stage.

They will be at COOiL in Ramsey on June 8 and Secret Pizza, in Castletown on June 9. Their final gig is a ticketed event at Noa Bakehouse, in Douglas, on June 10. Tickets (£15) are available online at

Jack played in Manx bands such as On A Friday, Uber Room and Your Gold Teeth. He has been Brighton for six years, mainly making music with his sister Lily in Penelope Isles.

‘I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many countries playing my music and working with other bands but there’s something about coming back to the island to play,’ he said.

‘It’s taking it back to the roots. It’s where I first starting making and playing live so it’s dear to my heart.’

Jack hasn’t been back to the island since he left for Brighton.

‘I can’t wait to be there,’ he said. ‘I’m hoping I can still remember all the good spots to watch the races. TT was always so busy for us as kids. We used to have a gig every night for two weeks.’

He added: ‘All the lads in The Leaning are buzzing to see the race and the island.