The enterprise minister says stopping late night live music in the TT Fan Park ‘achieves a good balance’.

In Tynwald this week, Tim Johnston was asked why the decision was taken not to schedule live music after 9pm in the area.

He explained it was made during discussions with Douglas Council, which leases the department the land for the duration of the TT fortnight.

Mr Johnston said it had made the department aware of a number of complaints made by residents during the 2022 event.

‘The department recognises that a variety of entertainment, including live music, plays an important part in the overall TT experience, both for visitors and residents,’ the minister said.

‘I am pleased to assure members that there is a significant programme of free access to entertainment planned at the TT Fan Park, between 10am and 11pm for 15 days across the whole TT period.

‘This will include acoustic music during parts of the day and, likely, DJ sets.’

He added: ‘In considering the provision of late night entertainment in the Noble’s Park area, it is also important to balance other factors, such as access to suitable public transport late at night and the broader hospitality sector in our towns and villages, which stand to benefit from additional footfall, particularly in the evenings following race sessions.

‘I believe the plan for 2023 achieves a good balance. I encourage our visitors and residents to make the most of the experiences.’

Asked if this is a set plan for the future, Mr Johnston said he would ‘always be open to ideas’, adding: ‘We will welcome any feedback and we’ll meet post-TT with Douglas Council to discuss any issues they had and make sure we’re all moving forward together.’