Singer-songwriter Ian Thompson will release his latest single, Lonely, on Saturday (November 11).

The song was originally written and recorded in 2007 but is being released now after Ian took it to Gyp Buggane at Ballagroove Studios to get extra guitars, vocals, keyboards and percussion parts added in.

Ian told Island Life: ‘I wrote the song one evening when I came home late from a recording studio where I had been recording another song.

‘There was nobody home and I was wanting to share my recording experience with somebody, and it was too late to ring anybody so I ended up playing my guitar and trying to release this overpowering feeling I had of frustration and sudden burst of loneliness that just consumed me without any real reason.

‘I found myself playing these chords, and the words just flew out of me with no effort at all, almost like they were already there just waiting to be written down.’

He added: ‘I think looking back now, I must have been subconsciously lonely and searching for something more meaningful in life.

‘I do believe most of us experience them feelings at some point, and a lot of people have told me how much they like the song and how much they can relate to it, so I’m happy to have written it for that reason.’

Ian said that Gyp worked very hard to blend the latest parts into the old recording and balance everything.

‘Gyp never lets me down,’ he said.

Lonely is already available to listen to for free on Ian’s Bandcamp page and via his website and he has received lots of ‘really positive’ messages on his Facebook page.

It will be officially released on to digital platforms on Saturday.