Rushen Heritage Centre’s free exhibition, ‘The Ultimate Challenge’ at its centre in Bridson Street, Port Erin, is open and featuring six Manx TT riders.

On display is a bike that was once raced by Conor Cummins, TT-inspired paintings.

There will be information on riders Tom Sheard, Ryan Kneen, Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle, Dan Kneen, Dave Molyneux and Matt Mylchreest.

The last two are racing this year.

The R6 Yamaha was supplied by to Conor for the R6 Challenge Cup.

Each rider was supplied with two identical-looking bikes – one race bike and one road bike.

The idea was that the race bike could be set up for the circuits, but the rider could get used to its handling and characteristics on the road bike on track days.

If the rider had a successful season, the spare bike was given to the rider to race if they wished.

Many riders sold the bikes to raise funds for their next season.

It as since been owned by Bob Simmons, a road racer from Ramsey.

His wife bought the bike for him as a combined anniversary, Christmas and birthday present.

In 2006, Wade Boyd, from San Francisco, was on the island for TT and he had problems with his own bikes, so Bob lent him the R6.

Later the bike went on to be ridden in five MGPs by Dave Clarke.

Doreen Moule, chair of Rushen Heritage Trust, said: ‘The TT has such a rich heritage and we wanted to do our part to mark the return of the festival following Covid.

‘TT riders know the dangers, but still feel the desire to take on the challenge of the 37.75 mile-long TT circuit and this exhibition pays tribute to them all, by focusing on a selection of local TT riders.’